Drug Therapy Chapter 4

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Question Answer
At what age do children have the same pharmacokinetic response as an adult?12 years of age
The nurse is instructing a mother in applying a topical medication to her infant’s diaper area. The nurse instructs the mother to place the cream only on the affected area and use it sparingly. These instructions are necessary because of what physiologic characteristic of neonates?Highly permeable skin tissue of neonates
An infant with a seizure disorder who must take phenytoin (Dilantin) is at risk for developing toxic levels of the medication. This is because of what immature organ function?Liver
Which is the best area to place oral medications in infants?Inner aspect of the cheek
The nursing student is preparing to administer and IM injection to a 7-month-old infant. What is the best site for injecting a medication into an infant?Vastus lateralis
What areas are the best sites that the nurse is aware of for starting IV’s in infants?Hands; Feet; Antecubital fossa
What is the best device for administering oral medications to an infant?Oral syringe
Suppositories are a very appropriate method of medication delivery in what age group?Infant
What topics are important for the nurse to share with an adolescent related to self-care and medication administration?Use of acne medications; Adverse effects of prescribed medications; Birth control pills and other drug interactions
The nurse is aware that pharmacodynamics variability in the pediatric patient is due to what factors?Fat stores
The exact dose of a medication for a pediatric patient is based on what parameter?Weight
The nurse is aware that CNS adverse effects of medications given to infants are higher because of what immature function?Blood-brain barrier
A 9-year-old child has been prescribed a medication but is not able to safely swallow pills. What type of medication formulation would work best for this child?Chewable tablets
The nurse must start an IV on a 4-year-old child. What sites would be best for IV placement in this child?Hands; Feet; Antecubital fossa
The nurse is aware that renal function of a child reaches that of an adult at which age?2 years
What is the total water body percentage in infants?80%
What factors affect drug absorption in neonates?Delayed gastric emptying; Increased gastric pH; Irregular gastric emptying
The nurse is aware that the use of antidepressants in adolescents is associated with what issue?Suicide
The nurse knows that pharmacodynamics across the lifespan are affected by what variables?Body composition; Genetic makeup; Immature organ systems
What type of pediatric drug calculation is expressed in square meters?Body surface area