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Isotretinoin (Accutane) :B4 Med Admin, Nurse anticpates which lab test?Tryglyceride Level
Nurse cks Isotretinoin Pt Record & contacts PCP if client takes which Rx?Vitamin A
Silver sulfadine(Silvadene) Pt Need for further Teaching r/t which statement?"The medication will permanently stain my skin"
Precautions needed for safe use of oral retinoids in what Pt population?Female Pt of Childbearing potential
Nurse tells Pt improvement from Isotretoin may not begin until how long?12 weeks
Most common site for Adverse Effects of ISotretonoin r/t which system?Intergumentary
The azole antifungals C/I in Pt with what condition?Increased liver enzymes or active liver disease
A patient has an order to receive nystatin oral suspension PC. When will you administer this medication?After meals
Nurse Interviews Pt w/ contatct dermatitis. Which finding indicates a need for patient teaching?The patient uses Neosporin ointment on minor cuts or abrasions.
Pt has been ordered clotrimazole r/t Dx of jock itch. What is the technical name the nurse would useTinea cruris (groin)
The nurse provides Pt Ed r/t valacyclovir (Valtrex). What comment by the patient indicates a need for further teaching?"Valtrex will prevent recurrent infection."
A patient receives valacyclovir for herpes-zoster virus. How should the nurse instruct the patient to take the medication?Without regard to meals
The nurse will anticipate application of which medication to treat a pt diagnosed with impetigo?Mupirocin (Bactroban)
Upon assessment, nurse notes white, patchy spots and redness@ tongue & throat. Nurse expects prescriber 2 ordernystatin (Mycostatin)
Nurse is caring for a patient re: IV acyclovir. 2 prevent nephrotoxicity assoc w/ IV acyclovir, nurse does which ?Infuse IV fluids during and for 2 hours after the acyclovir infusion.
A nurse cares for a patient who developed severe varicella-zoster virus in the setting of postrenal transplant immunosuppression. This patient should receiveintravenous acyclovir
Permethrin 5% (Elimite) Rx for a 4-yr child w/ Dx of scabies. Nurse tells mother r/t use of Tx. Which instruction is appropriate?Apply lotion to cool, dry skin @ 30min After bathing.
Nurse teaches re: use of permethrin(Nix) 2 parents of child w/head lice. Which statement r/t the need for further instruction?"The medication is applied to the hair after shampooing and left on for 24 hours."
Nurse tells Parent the intial Tx of pyrethrin should be repeatd in what period of time?In 10 days
The patient needs Tx 4 both pediculosis/scabies. Nurse epxects which drug?Permethrin (Nix)
MD Rx lindane (Kwell) 4 clients w/ head lice. Nurse will contact PCP when a Pt has which medical Dx?Seizures
Nurse evaluates Pt r/t lindane (Kwell). Which of the following statements requiresINTERVENTION by the nurse?"I will leave the lotion on for about 30 minutes before rinsing."
Which of the orders should a nurse question as part of the plan of care for a pt with a stage III pressure ulcer?Clean the ulcer Every shift with Dakins solution
Dakin's solution Rx 4 Pt. Nurse asst developing a plan of care 4 pt & includes Which of the following in the plan?Ensure that the solution is freshly prepared before use.
Collagenase (Santyl) Rx. Which should the nurse include in the instructions?Apply once a day and cover the wound with a sterile dressing.
A patient has an infected stage II pressure ulcer & they R on Coumadin. Which would be most appropriate for wound care?collagenase (Santyl)
A woman reports using aloe vera to treat constipation. Which response by the nurse is correct?"Please tell me if you are taking cardiac medications or diuretics."
Nurse recognizes miconazole (Micatin) is the drug of choice for Tx of which problem or problems? (Select all that apply.)Cutaneous candidiasis/Vulvovaginal candidiasis
Pt taking Minoxidil (Loniten) complains of excessive hair growth on her face. Nurse advise the pt thatPhenomenon is known as hypertrichosis and is a side effect of the medication.
Pt who reports taking minoxidil for HTN. What is an important part of the initial assessment for this patient?Evaluating ankle edema
Pt is to recieve Minoxidil for severe HTN. Which of the following effects will be observed if no other drugs are used?Tachycardia and increased cardiac contractility
Which is the only cardiovascular indication for minoxidil (Rogaine)?Severe hypertension
Which statements about the vaccine are true? It is a one-time vaccine.*recommended for Pt 50yr up* 2 prevent reactivation of the zoster virus that causes shingles.
The nurse should monitor the patient for which of the following indications of a serious adverse reaction to the drug(Enbrel)?Shortness of breath
A health care professional should tell a patient who is taking etanercept (Enbrel) for rheumatoid arthritis to report which of the following?Skin RASH
A health care professional should question the use of etanercept (Enbrel) for Pt w/ Hx of diabetes mellitus because which of the following risks?Infection
Nurse cks Pt Hx, knowing that this medication (Humira)is contraindicated if which disorder is present?Urinary tract infection
Which client statement indicates that additional teaching about the medication (Humira) is needed?"I will take this medication with food or milk."
Pt receiving fluorouracil knows stomatitis is S/E of antineoplastic Tx. Nurse teach her about this problem?She should examine her mouth daily for bleeding, painful areas and ulcerations.
memantine (Namenda) for Alzheimer's disease, the PCP should include which of the following instructions?notify PCP, before taking OTC, antacids contain sodium bicarbonate
Nurse caring for Pt w/ moderate stage Alzheimer's disease. The nurse expects which drug to be most beneficial at this stage?Memantine (namenda)
Which disorder would the nurse suspect that this client may have based on the use of this medication (donepezil)?Dementia
The nurse administered donepezil (Aricept) to a client. Which finding indicates that the medication is therapeutic?The client has increased cognition.