Drug Names and References

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PharmacologyThe study of drugs and their origin, nature, properties, and effects on living organisms
ClassificationsThe subcategory or subcategories under which each drug can be categorized
Drugs that affect the body in similar ways are ________Listed under the same classification
PrototypeA model example, a drug that typified the characteristics of that classifcation
Where can you find classifications of drugs?A drug reference book
Generic nameCommon/general name of a drug; never capitalized
Trade namePharmaceutical companies use this; copyrighted and usually contains the registered trademark symbol
Chemical nameThe exact molecular formula; little concern to the healthcare worker
Official nameAppears in the official reference; generally the same as the generic name
Example of generic name:orange juice
Example of trade name:Tropicana
Can there be more than one generic name?No
Can there be more than one trade name?Yes
When a drug has been in the reference book for over 17 years, __________other companies may begin to combine the same chemicals to form that specific product for marketing
tetracycline hydrochlorideGeneric name
Achromycin V SumycinTrade name
alpha-4 dimethylamino-3 methyl-1-2,2-diphyneyl-2 butanol, proprionate hydrochlorideChemical name
Trade name products are usually ________more expensive
A DAW (dispense as written) indicates _________there are no substitutions to generic equivalents of the drug
Whats a "filler"?The ingredient used to hold the drug together
Differences in fillers may affect __________How quickly a drug dissolves or takes effect
T/F: Trade names may contain numbersT
What does a number in the name indicate?An amount of one of the generic components and helps to differentiate it from an almost identical product
The larger the number in the name, _________The greater is the amount of controlled substance present
Over the counter drugs (OTC) have _________no purchasing restrictions by the FDA
Legend drugs are ________Prescription drugs
Birth control, antibiotics, cardiac drugs, and hormones are ________Legend drugs
How are legend drugs indicated in the drug reference book?A symbol to the far right of the trade name
How are controlled substances indicated in the drug reference book?A schedule number
Indications are ______a list of medical conditions or diseases for which the drug is meant to be used
Benadryl-motion sickness is an example of a(n) _________Indication
Actions are ______a description of the cellular changes that occur as a result of the drug (geared more towards the pharmacist)
Contraindications are _______a list on conditions for which the drug should NOT be given
Cautions are ________a list of condition types of patients that warrant closer observation for specific side effects when given the drug
Side Effects & Adverse Reactions are ______a list of possible unpleasant or dangerous secondary effects, other than the desired effect
Benadryl-sedation, dizziness are examples of a(n) ________Side effect
OtotoxicityCauses damage to the eighth cranial nerve, resulting in impaired hearing or tinnitus
Can ototoxicity be permanent?Sometimes
NephrotoxicityCauses damage to the kidneys, resulting in impaired kidney function, decreased output, and renal failure
Photosensitivity is _______an increased reaction to sunlight, with the danger of intense sunburn
Interactions are _______a list of other drugs/foods that may alter the effect of the drug
"How Supplied" lists _________the available forms and strengths of a drug
"Usual Dosage" lists _______the amount of drug considered safe for administration, the route and the frequency of administration
tablets (tabs): 20 mg and 40 mg; suppository: 20 mg *is an example ofHow Supplied
10 mg orally every 4 h (q4h) *is an example of Usual dosage
The most widely used reference for drugs in current useThe Physicians' Desk Reference (PDR)
You should use the reference book that _________is most suitable for you, one that you can interpret quickly
The Pill Book and Handbook of Nonprescription Drugs are ________other references
How do you evaluate websites?Check the source, date of article, and be wary of information from forums and testimonials
Who sponsors American Pharmaceutical Association
Who sponsors American Sociey of Health System Pharmacists
What website covers correct dosage, side effects, and optimal use of most prescriptions and OTC drugs?
Drug cards should be _______Updated periodically
What should be included on the drug card?Generic and trade name, classification, forms in which the drug is available, drug action, indications, side effects, routes, dosage range and customary dosage, and any special instructions
Prepare drug cards for _____drugs that are used predominantly at your medical facility

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