Drug Formulations

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Question Answer
antipsyhcoitic with many formulations available=olanzapine. IR tablet, ODT, short and long acting injections. long acting for adherece, ODT so patient cannot hide, and fast acting injection for acute agitation
anti-nausea available many formulations=zofran. IR, short acting injection, oral solution, ODT, and oral film.
reasons may use ODT (placed on tongue and dissolves)dysphagia (trouble swallowing), children, nausea, non-adherence,
sublingual or buccal delivery (SL=under tongue) reasons usedfaster onset and absorbed into venous circulation under the tongue or cheek. less drug lost to gut degradation and first pass!
reasons to use nasal sprayfaster onset, bypass gut absorption (proteins that would get destroyed in gut okay give)
if capsules are going to be sprinkled on food make sure to tell patientdo not chew any long acting beads, dont let sit too long, and do not add to anything too hot (dissolve too quickly)
can you cut patches into pieces?no, except lidoderm.
can the patch be exposed to heat?no, causes drug to pour out from patch resulting in toxicity
patch bothering skin what can do?dotn shave shortly before applying, rotate sites if can, could possibly apply hydrocortisone after patch taken off some cases
trouble sticking?press down for awhile (fentanyl 30 secs), make sure no lotion or anything on skin, DO not cover with tape!!! only fentanyl can be covered with certain film tegaderm.
how dispose of patches?stick together and trash cept flush narcotics like fentanyl patches.