Drug Cards

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Question Answer
Mupirocin (Bacitracin, Bactroban)Ck 4 Superinfection; Used to Tx Impetigo r/t Staph; Reasses in 3/5 days
NeosporinIrritaion/Burning/Maceration; Finish full course; may use w/ gauze
Silver SulfadineCk 4 Super infection; dressing not R/Q. 1/16 inch thick
isotretinoin (Accutane)Suicide/Lethargy/insomnia/fatigue/HA/WBC in Urine/Proteinuria/hematuria
Isotreintioin (Accutane)Preg test w/i 2 weeks of beg Tx; No VitA supp; Monitor tyrglycerides
Clotrimazole (Ointment/lozenge/spray)S/E N/V Abnormal LFTs; Lower abd cramps; burn/frequent urine
Clotrimazole (Assmt)Skin color/lesions/surrounding area; Bowel sounds; culture of area involved, LFTs
NystatinN/V/D; GI distress/Vaginal burning; local irritation; Same Assmt as Clotrimazole; Antifungal;
ValacyclovirS/E=N/V/ABD pain/Dizzness; C/I=Renal Disease/thrombocytopenic pupura/Preggo; Ck Bun/Creatnine/begin Tx 48-72hrs
Acyclovir (Zovirax)2/3 LIters of water; Asses for burning/stinging/phlebitis @IV; Confusion/coma/seizures/tremors; CkBUN/ALT/ASt
AcyclovirC/I renal disease; S/E=N/V; D-D r/t probenicid; zdivudine; Wear a glove w/ topical; I/O; V/S; perfusion/edema
Permethrin (Nix)Topical; S/E local burning/ stinging; Tx Scabies/Lice
Rid ( piperonyl butoxide)Pubic Lice; irritation, erythema, itching, and swelling- contraindications: pyrethrin or chyrsanthemum allergy or <2 years old
Lindane Lotion (Kwell)Tx Lice/Scabies; CNS toxicity. (seizures, dizziness, clumsiness, fast heartbeat, muscle cramps, nervousness, restlessness, irritability, nausea, vomiting)
Dakins SolutionReporthives; difficult breathing; swelling of your face, lips, tongue, or throat.
Collagenease (Santyl)S/E erythema/Pain/burning , Tx debridement of necrotic tissue. Use for pressure ulcers Stages 2-4. C/I=open cavity/face
Aloemajor: Digoxin/Diuretics. moderate: Coumadin, stimulant laxatives, Sevoflurane, Diuretic drugs, and antidiabetic drugs.ABd pain/ K+depletion
MiconazoleIrritation/burning/macerration; Asses Skin color/lesions/T/Orientation/C&S test
Minoxidil (rogaine)Tx Severe HTN/aloplecia; Ck Pt for SJS; irritant/allerigic contatct dermitis; eczema; pruritus; bronchitis; upper resp; Ck BP supine/ortho/ECG/withdraw gradually
ZostavaxC/I Immunosuppreson*avoid antiviral therapy 1 day before and 14 days after vaccination* cover rash
entanrecept (Enbrel)Tx Immunosuppresion/Arthritis; S/E CNS demyelinating disorders, Pancytopenia, cancers/increased risk of infections;
Enbrel Cont'dGet baseline v/s CBC; stop drug w/ bone marrow suppresion; neurologic function; D-D w/ other immunosuppresants
Aprimelast (Otezla)Tx arthritis/psoarisis S/E D, N, nasopharyngitis, upper respiratory tract infection, may increase risk of depression
Adalimumab (Humira)Tx arthritis/psoarisis; BB Warning=Risk of INfection/heaptsplenic Tcell lymphoma; S/E numbness, tingling dizziness, visual disturbances
flouracil (topical)Tx cancer; S/E=aloplecia, stomatitis, Diarrhea, photoxicity Rxn, Cerebellar dysfunction
flouracil (Assmt)S/S cerebellar dysfunction=dizziness,weakness,ataxia; use sunscreen clothes
Memantine (Namenda)Tx Moderate Alzhimers; S/E=hallucinations,confusion, dizziness,HA; C/I=renal failure; asses Orientation; Dont take w/ sodium bicarbonate
Donepezil (Aricept)Tx Alzhimers; s/E=Dyspepsia/GI Upset/hepatoxicity/bradycardia; C/I=Sick sinus syndrome/Lung Disease; Ck RFTs,LFTs, Ck yellow eye/skin; Orientation