Drug #3

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Question Answer
oxybutynin chloride (oral)ditropan and ditropan XL
oxybutynin choloridestart with one 5 mg extended release tablet daily
metolazone5-20 mg once daily
isosorbide mononitrateimdur
isosorbide mononitratenormal daily dose is 30-120 mg once daily in morning
sotalol hydrochloridebetapace
sotalol hydrochloride80-160 mg twice a day
apixaban5 mg twice daily
doxazosin mesylatecardura & cardura XL
doxazosin mesylatenormal dosage range is 1-8 mg once daily
metoprolol tartratelopressor
metoprolol tartrate100-450 mg per day in a single or divided dose
metoprolol succinate toprol-XL
metoprolol succinate start with 25-100 mg daily
carvedilolcoreg & coreg CR
carvedilol12.5 mg TWICE a day
atenololuse 50-100 mg once a day for maintenance
propranolol hydrochlorideinderal (LA), innopran (XL)
propranolol hydrochloride80 mg per day in single or divided dose up to 640 mg per day in divided doses or 120-160 mg (SR)
amlodipine besylatenorvasc
amlodipine besylate10 mg once daily
clonidine hydrochloridecatapres, nexiclon XR, kapvay
clonidine hydrochloride0.1 mg to 0.3 mg given twice
verapamil hydrochlorideisoptin, calan, verelen
verapamil hydrochloride1/2 to 1 SR tablet daily in morning, 1 SR tablet every 12 hours, or 1 DR capsule at bedtime
diltiazem hydrochloridecardizem, cartia, dilacor, dilt-XR, tiazac
diltiazem hydrochlorideoptimum dosage is 240-360 mg per day in 1-2 dose
nifedipineprocardia, nifedical XL, adalat CC
nifedipine30-90 mg once daily
nitroglycerin (SL and injectable)nitrostat, nitroquick
nitroglycerin (SL and injectable)dissolve 1 tablet under tongue or in buccal pouch at first sign of acute anginal attack
fenofibrate (nanocrystallized) tricor
fenofibrate (nanocrystallized) 145 mg daily with meals
ezetimibe with simvastatinvytorin
ezetimibe with simvastatin10/20 given once daily
lovastatininitially 20 mg a day given with evening meal
niacin (ER) niaspan
niacin (ER) start with 50 mg at bedtime for 4 weeks
rosuvastatin calciumcrestor
rosuvastatin calcium5-40 mg once daily
pravastatin sodiumpravachol
pravastatin sodiumstart with 10-20 mg once daily at bedtime
simvastatin10-40 mg per day
atorvastatin calciumlipitor
atorvastatin calcium10-80 mg per day
ezetimiberecommended daily dose for all indications is 10 mg