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I feel so guilty. About mom and dad and Mark and everything. Mom and Dad won’t let me help them and I feel so, oh i don’t know. Mark keeps taking me out to nice dinners, buying me nice gifts. I mean, we live in a great house and I have my dream job here in New York! But then I think about mom and dad, and immediately feel awful. I know I shouldn’t, but I do. It’s not my fault they are so stubborn. It’s not my fault they won’t accept any money. It’s not my fault they messed up their lives. I earned the money so I am allowed to help them out right? I want don’t want them struggling so much.They helped us so much when we were young, it’s our turn now to help them. Living in the country, barely being able to pay their expenses each month, while I am here in New York living my dream life, with my dream job! I know they are okay, but I want to help them. How can I help them when they won’t accept anything. They won’t accept any sympathy or pity or money or anything from you, me, or anyone. They’re getting older now and they could get sick soon. What am I going to do then? They are both so stubborn. And we know they won’t be able to pay for their health care, I know you feel the same Michelle. You're my sister, and we need to help our parents. And we need to help them now. Before they get more sick and even more stubborn. I have money now. After growing up always on a tight budget never buying anything I didn’t NEED, I don’t know what to do the money. I want to spend it on something important to me like mom and dad but we already know how that would end up.They’re not going to be around forever. I mean, with dad and how the doctor said he has to get back surgery soon. What if something sudden were to happen? What would I do then? I want to go to them and help them but I have to live my life too.. I mean, they understand right? I’ve tried to help them too many times. They don’t listen. They insist they are ok, but I can see in their eyes that they are not. It’s a lost cause. What's the point anymore. I’ve done my part, you’ve done yours. It’s up to them now because we can’t do anything more. We can’t help them anymore Michelle.