Dr. Walker biology

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Trypsin hydrolyzes bonds of lys and arg on _____ side of peptide bondcarboxyl (right side)
Active form is trypsin, inactive form is _______trypsinogen
Celiacs disease is ______ intolerance gluten
Gastrin is a ___ that leads to manafacture of _____ Hormone ; HCl in the stomach
Zymogens inactive until it ends up in ________ gland(s)Intestinal
Zymogens need to "see" ______ to become activatedEntrokinases
Enterokinase located in _____Intestinal Glands
Chymotripsin and elastase located in ____Pancreas
Proline can "_____" polypeptide chains, making them ____Kink ; Hard to digest for endoproteases
Salivary amylase turns _____ into _____Polysaccharides into disaccharides

Section 2

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Pepsin is an ____ which will _____ proteins Enzyme which will hydrolyze proteins
Proteins + H2O in presence of ____ become _____Pepsin (protease) ; polypeptides
Pepsinogen + HCL = _____Pepsin
Proline is _____an amino acid that can make kinks in polypeptides
Cellulose contains long chains of ____ which humans can't digest without help from microorganismsGlucose

Section 3

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Cecum houses _____ which can digest grassmicroorganisms
Cellulase is an ____ that can digest grass enzyme
Heterotrophs get food _____from other organisms
Autotrophs ____ , live in _____ make their own nutrients; live in inorganic environments
Coasters of beermats of PhD students were full of ____ to look at under microscopenematodes
Ruminants ____ regurgitated cud so that ____ can come in contact with their foodchew ; enzyme can mix with cellulase
Salivary amylase ____ food lubricates

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