DPAT Part 2

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Section 1

Question Answer
Dentigerous cystpericoronal
Unicystic ameloblastomapericoronal
Lateral periodontal cystradicular

Section 2

Question Answer
Developmental odontogenic cyst surrounding impacted toothdentigerous cyst
Dentigerous cyst - location?3rds > max canines > mandibular 2nd premolar
Dentigerous cyst - recurrence?uncommon
Dentigerous cyst - neoplastic transformation?report (ameloblastoma, SCC, mucoepidermoid carcinoma)
Dentigerous cyst that erupted through bone, but not soft tissueeruption cyst
Eruption cyst - differential dx?pigmented neuroectodermal (tumor of infancy)
OKC - recurrence?high (20-60%)
PATCH1 geneOKC (sonic hedgehog signaling pathway)
OKC - syndrome association?Nevoid basal cell carcinoma
Scalloped bordersOKC
OKC - locular?unilocular or multilocular
Multiple BCCsNevoid basal cell carcinoma
Multiple OKCsNevoid basal cell carcinoma
Bifid, missing or fused ribsNevoid basal cell carcinoma
Calcification of falx cerebriNevoid basal cell carcinoma
Palmar and planter pitsNevoid basal cell carcinoma
Frontal bossing, hypertelorism, shortened 4th metacarpalsNevoid basal cell carcinoma
Nevoid basal cell carcinoma AKAGorlin-Goltz syndrome
Unicystic ameloblastoma - age?<20yo
Developmental lateral periodontal cyst - derived from?1 or more dental lamina rests
Developmental lateral periodontal cyst - location?roots of mandibular premolars > b/n max lats and cans
Asymptomatic, non-expansile pseudocysttraumatic bone cavity
Traumatic bone cavity - location?mandible
Metastasis ___% in the jaws3%
Jaw metastasis is the first evidence of cancer in ___% of jaw cases.50%
Moth-eaten lucency, sometimes opaque, root resportionmalignancy
Pain, swelling, abrupt tooth movement, bleeding, numbness, massmalignancy
Proliferative disorder of histiocyte-like cells derived from monocytesLangerhans' cell disease (histiocytosis-X)
Birbeck granulesLangerhan's cells
Flask shaped lucencyEosinophilic granuloma
LCD + exopthalmia + diabetes insipidusHand-schuller Christian disease
Chronic disseminated Langerhans' cell disease - association?Hand-schuller Christian disease
Acute disseminated Langerhans' cell disease - association? Letterer-Siwe disease
OKC - age?young
Lateral periodontal cyst - polycystic?botryoid odontogenic cyst
Ameloblastoma - gender?equal
Ameloblastoma - age?wide range (AVG is 33)
Ameloblastoma - location?mandible (75%)
Soap bubbleameloblastoma, odontogenic myxoma, central hemangioma
Honey combameloblastoma, odontogenic myxoma, central hemangioma
Most common multilocular lesion of the jaw.ameloblastoma
Ameloblastoma - recurrence?high
Ameloblastoma - malignant transformation?rare
Odontogenic myxoma - gender?equal
Odontogenic myxoma - location?maxillary and mandibular equal
Locally aggressive lesion of jaw derived from odontogenic mesenchymal tissueodontogenic myxoma
Mucoid ground substanceodontogenic myxoma
Central Giant cell Granuloma - pain? swelling?yes
Central Giant cell Granuloma - gender?female
Central Giant cell Granuloma - age?young
Central Giant cell Granuloma - location?anterior region
Central Giant cell Granuloma - differential dx?Brown tumors of hyperparathyroidism
Central Giant cell Granuloma - locular?unilocular and multilocular
Central Giant cell Granuloma - recurrence?20%
Brown tumorsPrimary hyperparathyroidism
Stones, bones, groans, psychic moansHyperparathyroidism
Ground glass and loss of lamina durahyperparathyroidism
Autosomal dominant fibro-osseous bilateral swelling of jaws in young childrencherubism
Benign intra-osseous vascular high pressure neoplasmCentral hemangioma
Central hemangioma - gender?female
Central hemangioma - age?young
Central hemangioma - location?maxilla > mandible
Swelling with audible bruit on ausculation/palpationcentral hemangioma
Mobility of teeth with bleeding from gingival sulcuscentral hemangioma
Can idiopathic osteosclerosis resorb roots?yes
Ginger root trabeculaeFlorid cemento osseous dysplasia
Cemento osseous dysplasia - complications?necrosis, infection, traumatic bone cysts
GNAS1fibrous dysplasia of bone
Benign non-neoplastic fibrous tissue proliferation replacing bone causing explansionfibrous dysplasia of bone
Polyostotic fibrous dysplasia + cafe au lait pigmentationJaffe's type
Polyostotis fibrous dysplasia + cafe au lait pigmentation + endocrinopathyMcCune Albright Syndrome
Fibrous dysplasia - gender?equal
Liesegang rings & amyloid depositsPindborg tumor (calcifying epithelial odontogenic tumor)