Dorsal Thalamic Nuclei

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Antmammilary body to cingulate cortex
MDamygdala, olfactory, basal ganglia to prefrontal cortex
VASN, GPi, deep cerebellar nuclei to premotor area
VLGPi, deep cerebellar nuclei, SN to precentral cortex
Pulv & LPsuperior colliculus to parieto-occipital-temporal assn. cortexes
VPLmedial lemniscus and spinaothalamic tract to somatosensory cortex and post central gyrus
VPMtrigeminothalamic tract to somatosensory and taste cortex and post central gyrus
CMGps, sensory, deep cerebellar nuclei, reticular activating system to cerebral cortex and striatum
LGNretina to primary visual cortex; relay visual info to cortex
MGNinferior colliculus to primary auditory cortex

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Antlimbic pwys and recent memory
MDlimbic, memory, personality
VAbasal ganglia and cerebellar info to cortex
VLbasal ganglia and cerebellar info to cortex
Pulv and LPbehavior orientation toward visual or other stimuli
VPLsomatosensory spinal input to cortex
VPMtrigeminal and solitarius info to cortex
CMalertness, consciousness, motor relay
LGNrelay visual info to cortex
MGNrelay auditory info to cortex

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