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All living things sharesame basic biology
DNAGenetic material in all living things
Primary function of DNAstore and transmit genetic information that tells cells which proteins to make and when to make them
Proteins Form structural units of cell to help control chemical processes
Watson & CrickDiscovered DNA form double helix
The central dogmaoutline of all living organisms - molecular biology

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Nucleotide Basic unit of DNA
Nucleotide includesugar deoxyribose, a phosphate and nitrate base
Purines2 rings of carbon and nitrogen atoms & large
Pyramidines1 ring bases & small
Annealing allows scientists to study DNA

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Daughter cells during cell divisionmust have complete accurate copy of genome after splitting
Semi-conservativeOld strand is conserved while new strand is made from template
DNA Polymerasecatalyze synthesis of new DNA based on existing DNA template
Helicase EnzymesBreak H-bonds 1 region at a time
Replication ForkExposed single strand DNA serve as a template
Leading strand proceeds continuously as DNA unwinds
Lagging standoccurs in short stretches (Okazaki fragments)
DNA LigaseJoins newly synthesized polynucleotide fragments into single continuous strand