DNA replication

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What is a reostadt?A sensor- in this case measuring total CDK activity
Define hystereisis?An all or nothing switch between 2 states
What is the critical residue in Sld2T84 changes to D
How did Philip Bypass necessity for Sld3 ActivationAcid rescue not possible- Instead fused protein to Dpb11
How is replication controlled in prokaryotes?1) GATC palindromes surrounding OriC prevent binding of DNA A? 2) RIDA (Replication of DNA A) essentially a B clamp which catalyses hydolysis of the ATP necessary for DNA A !
Where does re-replication occur in terminally differentiated cells?Follicle cell Chorion Genes. Humpty dumpty mutants are unable to do this.
On which stand can MCM be blocked? Leading strand- therefore moves along this strand
Why is MCM inactive when loaded?1) It is loaded onto the wrong substate 2) In vivo it is part of a holohelicase 3) Hexamers need to be seperated


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