DNA Replication; Cancer; Cell Cycle

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What is the difference between cytokinesis in plant and animal cells?Plant cells have a cell plate and no centrioles while animal cells have a cleavage furrow and they have centrioles.
Is mitosis a form of sexual or asexual reproduction? Provide 2 reasons for your choiceAsexual; because the cell starts with a parent cell and ends with 2 identical cells and the parent is a diploid cell and the daughter's are diploids
What is the difference between a malignant tumor and a benign tumor?malignant means cells travel to other parts of the body through the blood stream and benign means it does not spread throughout the body
What are several causes of cancer?inheret the gene, smoking, sun exposure, radiation
How is mitosis important for your body?it keeps a balance of your cells
In mitosis, the cells that are created are ___________identical
what would occur if cells were in mitosis more than they were in interphase?cancer
What is a chromosome made of?2 chromatids
Why do cells wind up to chromatin for prophase in mitosis?it's easier to divide (than chromatin which is stringy)
Mitosis starts and ends with _______ cell. diplod or somatic cells
What does diploid mean?Cells have two sets of chromosomes (both parents each contribute a set).
In humans, how many chromosomes should be in each of these diploid cells after mitosis?46 haploid (sex cells)


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what went wrong with a cancer cell?it skipped interphase because it did not go through the checkpoint
define tumorscancer cells that deprive normal cells of nutrients; build up of cancer cells
what is cell suicideaptosis
because they are not regulated, they do not go through the cell cycle at a normal ratecancer cells
cancer cells have the abilitiy to divide _______infinetly
when they divide, cancer cells take ________ _________ from the body to feed themselvesvaluable nutrients
cancer cells do not _______ correctly since they are already _______function; damaged
cancer can be _____ or malignantbenign
cancer treatment can be ________ where it targets cells that divide quickly... which is why hair is lostchemical
cancer treatment can be radiation if it is to target a _____tumor
medications are being researched that may _________ off the _____ ______ (which delivers nutrients) specifically to ______ cellscut; blood supply; cancer

DNA Replication

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1DNA uncoils
2Helicase unzips
3free nucleotides are carried in to attach to the appropriote base pairs on either side of the unzipped DNA strand polymerace
4a new backbone of sugar and phosphorus is made
end result2 newstrands old and new
What proofreads to make sure mistakes do not take place during DNA replication?enzymes
What is the function of the DNA helicase?to separate the hydrogen bonds between nitrogen bases to unzip the DNA molecule
What is the function of DNA Polymerase?to read the template strand of DNA and add new nucleotides accordingly
DNA Polymerase reads the original template strand from the _________ end of the DNA molecule towards the _________ end3' ; 5'
During DNA replication, newly formed DNA is built starting at the _________ end and moving towards the _________ end5' ; 3'
The leading strand of the newly synthesized DNA goes _______ the replication forktowards
The lagging strand of the newly synthesized DNA goes _______ the replication forkaway from
Lagging DNA is built using _______________Okazaki fragments
Why does the lagging strand run into "trouble" when replicating?The lagging strand is moving against the replication fork; and the fork opens up, the lagging strand has to jump backwards to acommodate the moving fork
Why are the terms "continuous" used to describe the leading strand and "discontinuous" used to descrive the lagging stand?The leading strand is moving with the replication fork; as the DNA unzips at the fork the leading strand can continue to replicate. The lagging strand is moving against the replication fork; as the DNA unzips at the fork the lagging strand has to jump behind
The result of DNA replication results in two molecules of ___, which in total consists of _ strands of DNA: two original strands and two new strands. What is it called?DNA; 4; semi-conservative
Why is DNA replication important?because we need to double our DNA as our cells divide and our bodies grow
Do you think DNA replicate before or after cell divison? Why?DNA divides before cell division because our cells must have two copies of DNA before it splits in half; one copy for each cell

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