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test 1

DMAT1 3 basic materials
DMAT2 behavior of materials
DMAT3 polymers
DMAT4 resins
DMAT5 porcelains (and/or ceramics)
DMAT6 denture bases, acrylic resins, etc.
DMAT7 Metals and Alloys
DMAT8 Amalgam

test 2

DMAT9 Cements (not finished... information laid out in way that is hard to digest)
DMAT13 Lab 1 (cements)
DMAT11 Biocompatibility
DMAT12 impression materials
DMAT15 Lab 2 (impressions)
DMAT14 biocompatibility continued

test 3

DMAT16 Casting Alloy
DMAT17 Corrosion
photocuring-ihatethisclass-1 (by olola) Photocuring (Lola)
photocuring-2-lots-of-copypasta-sorry (by olola) Photocuring cont (Lola)
DMAT19 Composites 1
DMAT20 Composited cont
DMAT21 Glass Ionomer
DMAT18 Glass Ionomer cont (just a teeny bit more)
DMAT22 Lab 4
DMAT23 Lab 5