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list the "3 main factors that Govern Properties and Uses of a Cement"Particle Size (closely related to film thickness), Film Thickness, and Retention
as film thickness of a cement decreases, retention of the casting _________Increases (improves)
as particle size of a cement decreases, film thickness of the cement _________decreases
What is the purpose of a cement base?provide thermal (sometimes electrical) insulation under a metallic restoration
since crown preps are tapered, a small increase in cement film thickness causes a ______ (small/large) ________ (increase/decrease) in the seating discrepancy of the crownLarge Increase
the purpose of ______ ______ is to provide thermal (sometimes electrical) insulation under a metallic restorationCement Bases
The necessary thickness for a cement base is determined by what?Remaining Dentin Thickness (before pulp)
Generally speaking, a Remaining dentin thickness of _____mm is necessary3/4mm (0.75) (we have learned in previous classes that 1 mm is necessary... and another time that 2 is necessary)
In order to be a good cement base, a material must have a _____ (high/low) thermal conductivityLow (should act as insulator)
what are the 5 classes of cements?1) zinc phosphate 2) polycarboxylate 3) GI 4) RMGI 5) resin-composite
What is the oldest type of cement that is currently in use?Zinc Phosphate cement
What is a good cement to use when a LONG working time is desired?Zinc Phosphate
What are the solid components of Zinc Phosphate cement? the liquid components?(solid) zinc oxide with approximately 10% magnesium oxide; (liquid) phosphoric acid and water (with small amounts of salts added to control the reaction rate)
For a 6° taper per wall, a 30- μm increase of the cement film thickness (e.g., from 30 μm to 60 μm) results in a… ___-μm increase in the seating discrepancy of the crown! 287 μm (0.3 mm)
T/F: Luting cement retention comes from chemical adhesion to crown and dentinFalse (Mechanism: not adhesion but luting*—sealing) (Retention depends on: preparation taper & mechanical interlocking)
Luting cement retention of a crown depends on what two factors?preparation taper & mechanical interlocking
what is The main curing mechanism of self-adhesive resin cements?Free-radical polymerization
What are the two types of cements that can chemically bond to tooth?Self-adhesive resins and Glass Ionomoers
What are the 3 desirable qualities of provisional cements?Low strength, easily handled (not technique sensitive), pulp-friendly

what cements are associated with these uses?

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FPD's and Maryland Fpd'sSelf Adhesive Resin cements
Single tooth restorations (crown/onlay)Self Adhesive Resin cements
Orthodontic bracketsSelf Adhesive Resin cements
Post cementationSelf Adhesive Resin cements

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