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define: the property of a constant ratio of stress to strain is ______Elasticity
When a block is placed under tensile stress, it becomes longer by a certain amount... this behavior is called _____strain
when it comes to Spring constant... a higher number means a _______ springStiffer
The spring constant is analogous to what property of a material?Modulus of elasticity
the slope of the straight portion of the stress-strain curve is the _____ ___ ______Modulus of elasticity (measure of stiffness)
When stress and strain are proportional on the stress strain curve then this is in the area of _____ deformation, however about that point, where work hardening happens, it is called _____ deformationElastic; Plastic
____ ___ ______ is a structure insensitive property (meaning that it is not affected by mechanical, chemical or heat treatment)Modulus of Elasticity
materials with a lot of plastic behavior are termed _____DUCTILE
materials with LITTLE plastic behavior are termed _____brittle
energy required to fracture a metal is called its ______toughness
measure of ability of a material to store elastic energy (like a spring)Resilience
define: the resistance of a material to brittle fracture when a crack is present in or at the surface of the materialFracture toughness
what property is expressed in the units MPa x m1/2?Fracture toughness
______ (higher/lower) fracture toughness value means less likely to breakHigher
metals stressed above their proportional (elastic) limits undergo _____ _______work hardening
t/f: work hardening does not affect modulus of elasticityTrue
t/f: work hardening affects modulus of elasticityFalse
define: speed with which heat flows through a materialThermal Conductivity
Thermal conductivity does not account for heat capacity... _____ ____ however takes heat capacity into account, and so is a better measure for how heat travels through materialsThermal Diffusion

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___________________ is determined by dividing stress by strain below the proportional limit/elastic limitModulus of Elasticity
If the force acting on an object is divided by the area over which the force is active we call this _____Stress
Which of the properties is independent of heat or chemical treatment?Modulus of Elasticity
Toughness of material is measured energy required to rupture the material
In order to adjust the retention of a partial denture clasp it would be necessary to cause _____ deformationPlastic
The property of a material that expresses by the amount of material expands during heating and contract during cooling is called???Thermal expansion

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