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spoiled silane can be identified how?turning cloudy in the bottle
deep excavation with pinpoint pulp exposure... in what order do you apply cements, and liners for an amalgam restoration?1) CaOH as medicant 2) polycarboxylate cement as base 3) cavity varnish as liner 4) amalgam for fill
T/F: one of the advantages of 6th generation materials and techniques is that they affect abraded and un-braded enamel the sameFalse
T/F: leaving some acid on the tooth is beneficial to dentin-resin bondingfalse
T/F: polyether, because of its low tear resistance is good at capturing subgingical marginsFalse
main reason that ZOE cements are widely used for temp filling...excellent seal against micro leakage
main purpose of cement basethermal insulation under metal
what elastomeric impression material is hydrophilic?polyether
how should polysulfide be disinfected?immersion in glutaraldehyde
what impression material has the greatest tear resistance?rubber base
what term describes the squeezing of water material out of colloids as a material gelssyneresis
______ is resistance of a fluid to flowingviscosity
t/f: difference between shear thinning and thixotropy is that only thixotropic materials have an increase in viscosity when the shearing force is removedTrue
main function of adhesive for impression is to cause _____ _____ in the setting impressioncontrolled distortion
of the elastomeric impression materials, which has the greatest setting shrinkagePolysulfide
the function of potassium sulfate in agar hydrocolloid...counteract inhibitory effect of borax on stone setting
typical shear strength of resins to etched enamel is _______ psi3000 psi
t/f: the thicker the silane layer on composite filler particles, the lower the bond strength of the filler to the polymer becomestrue
t/f: metal surface has inherently low levels of silicatrue
t/f: phosphoric acid used for tooth etching is inadequate to remove filler from compositetrue
for successful bonding of silane to a metal surface, the metal surface must contain _____silicon
t/f: the thicker the coating layer of silane on a surface, the greater potential for high bond strength between a ceramic and resinFalse
what acid is used to etch a ceramic surface for bonding?HF acid
the FDA sees dental materials as "______"devices
what is the desired thickness of inorganic materials removed during etching of dentin?3-5 micrometers
t/f: some dental materials have been used for so many years that we can assume they are 100% bio compatiblefalse, no material 100% biocompatible

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