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Biocompatibility (wow... hard to generate questions from... will have to hit up drive OT)

Question Answer
T/F: patients’ risk perception (and the media) is often very different from the scientifically based riskTrue
T/F: patients usually have an accurate perception of scientifically based risks related to materials and their biocompatibilityFalse
Define: ability of a material to elicit an appropriate biological response in a given applicationBiocompatibility
____ to ____% of females are allergic to nickel10-20%
10-20% of females are allergic to what metal?Nickel
T/F: Biocompatibility of a material can be evaluated with a single testFalse (requires multiple steps and long process)
T/F: Biocompatibility of a material can only be evaluated with many different tests and is a long processTrue
What type of test is the GOLD STANDARD for biocompatibility testing?Usage tests (clinical; material is being tested in the use it was designed for)
What organization determines the safety of materials and devices for medical and dental treatment?FDA (food & drug administration)
List the 2 standards that are applied to biocompatibility testing (like laws or rules)ADA Specification 41 (an annex to ISO 7405) and ISO 10993
t/f: no one can prove that a dental material is 100% biocompatibleTrue (because they can have different responses with diff situation, hosts, environments... so all are dependent)

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