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In a ditch how will the 737 land?Tail Low and Nose High
Which exits are unusuable for ditching?Flight deck
In an unplanned ditching FAs should repeat commands Open seat belts remain seated put on life vests
In a ditching the evacuation slide is on the 737 may be used as an additional flotation device?Yes
What door will raft 1 be launched from in a ditching ?FWD Entry Door
Where is the 56 person raft located that will be deployed our of the FWD Entry Door?FC Ceiling Compartment
When is the slide initially detached from the AC at the FWD Entry door?Prior to launching the Life raft , put raft in front of the door
What crew members will board raft # 1?FA1 and First officesr
What following group of PAX should exit through the FWD Entry door ?FC and FWD 1/3 of MC
In a planned ditching once you are ready for your assistants to remove the raft and bring it to your exit , what should your commands be?Assistants, Rafts

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Where would you find the two 56 person rafts to be launched at the OWE?In the Ceiling compartments
From which exit will the 56 person rafts be launched?AFT
Where will the faft lanyard be attached prior to launching the raft at an OWEThe red O ring in the lower frame of AFT
Where would you launch the raft at an over wing exit?Aft trailing edges, if one wing is damaged then you must the exit that is least damaged.
Who is in Raft # 2FA 2 and Captain
What are the Raft Assignments for FA 3 and F5?Board the nearest available Raft

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According to the RAFT/EXIT Assignment Chart What is the PA position for FA 2 with minimum crew on board? Aft 2/3 of MC
Where are extra life vests on the 737 C 16/144LH side OHB above the AFT OWE
737 16/134 Classic where can you find ELT's1st Rh Side OHB MC
If an second ELT is confirmed present where is this ELTLH Side OHB Above AFT OWE