Disorders of the Skin

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Question Answer
What is acne? a skin condition that results from oil and dead skin cells plugging up hair follicles.
What are pustules?pimples
What are comedones? which are blackheads and whiteheads.
What is an urticaria?hives
Why do hives occur?as a result of the release of inflammatory mediators
What are some examples of inflammatory mediators?prostaglandins and leukotrienes
How do you get rid of hives?anti-histamines are given for obvious reasons, and steroids can be used for short-term control of severe hives.
What is Psoriasis?an immune-mediated condition that results in inflammation and over-proliferation of skin cells.
What is the epidermis?the outer-most layer of the skin.
What does the epidermis protect you from?which normally help to protect your body from foreign invaders
What do T-cells do?they trigger the overproduction of skin cells associated with psoriasis.