Disease that Can Be Diagnosed by Small-Intestinal Mucosal Biopsies

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Disease that Can Be Diagnosed by Small-Intestinal Mucosal Biopsies

Diffuse, specific

LesionsPathologic Findings
AbetalipoproteinemiaNormal villi; epithelial cells vacuolated with fat postprandially
AgammaglobulinemiaNo plasma cells; either normal or absent villi ("flat mucosa")
Whipple's diseaseLamina propria contains macrophages containing PAS+ material


Patchy, specific

LesionsPathologic Findings
AmyloidosisAmyloid deposits
Crohn's disease Noncaseating granulomas
Eosinophilic gastroenteritisEosinophil infiltration of lamina propria and mucosa
Infection by one or more microorganisms Specific organisms
Intestinal lymphangiectasiaDilated lymphatics; clubbed villi
Intestinal lymphomaMalignant cells in lamina propria and submucosa
MastocytosisMast cell infiltration of lamina propria

Diffuse, nonspecific

LesionsPathologic Findings
Celiac sprueShort or absent villi; mononuclear infiltrate; epithelial cell damage; hypertrophy of crypts
Tropical sprueSimilar to celiac sprue
Bacterial overgrowthPatchy damage to villi; lymphocyte infiltration
Folate deficiencyShort villi; decreased mitosis in crypts; megalocytosis
Vitamin B12 deficiencySimilar to folate deficiency
Radiation enteritisSimilar to folate deficiency
Zollinger-Ellison syndromeMucosal ulceration and erosion from acid
Protein-calorie malnutritionVillous atrophy; secondary bacterial overgrowth
Drug-induced enteritisVariable histology