Digital Marketing - The Digital Consumer slides

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What are the 5 stages of the consumer decision making process?1.need recognition 2.information search 3.evaluation of alternatives 4.purchase decision 5.purchase evaluation
Where are the top 2 places that customers are coming from?1. Search engines 2.Social Media
What device dominates social media?mobile (linkin & tumblr are only social networks with majority of usage on desktops)
What are the five distince mom segments?1.striving moms 2.conventional moms 3.alpha moms 4.modest moms 5.maverick moms
What is the largest Mom Segment?Striving moms (27%) (tech savvy - most connected to internet)
What are buyer personas?they are fictional, generalized representations of your ideal customers
What are the strongest buyer personas based on?market research
What are some buyer persona attributes?name, location, age, gender, interests, income level, lifestyle, etc

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