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What is a touchpoint?a point of contact between a business and a customer ->contact point, moment of truth
What are the customer touchpoint phases?Awareness, Consideration, Purchase, Service, Loyalty
What are the types of channels?Single-channel, multi-channel, cross-channel, omni-channel
Digital Ecosystem?a visual presentation of the connection between touchpoints of a company based on the business strategy
what are the 4 quadrants of the digital ecosystem?Paid - Owned - Earned - Shared

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in the pre purchase or pre purchase customer phase what is going on ?gaining customers and heighten brand awareness (educate customers about your products)
What about Post-purchse or usage in customer touchpoint phase?develop a relationship & increase brand loyalty
what does the user experience involve?meeting needs, invoking emotions and developing attitudes about a product to the satisfaction of a customer
what does the digital user experience involve?Design - Content - Navigation - Product Selection
what do we mean by [Design] ?things like structure(how easy it is to use) and atmospherics ( the aesthetic presentation)

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What are things relating to SEO(searh engine optimization)? URL, title tags, and meta tags
What are the 3 parts of [Online Copywriting] ?1. Main Point 2. Key Facts 3.Lest Important Details
What are some Online Writing Rules?Avoid hard sell, hype - the emphasis should be on quality content! - Be Concise
In all marketing copy, always have...?A Call to Action
What are some examples of Calls to Action?"Subscribe today!" , "Call us at 1-800-555-1212!"

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What are the first 5 steps to a Better Online User Experience?1. identify business requirements 2.conduct user research 3.create the basic structure 4.analyze and plan content 5. design the sitemap
What are the last 5 steps to a Better Online User Experience?6. Build and develop the navigation 7.create the layout 8.Add other useful elements 9.conceptualize the visual design 10.conduct user testing

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