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What is Digital Commerce?Transactions occurring through the internet - Online, mobile, social
What is the largest component of the US Retail Industry?Consumer Durables!
Order Fulfillment?All the activities needed to provide customers with ordered goods and services, including related customer services
The online shopping cart?allows shoppers to set aside desired oriducts in preperation for checkout, review what they have selected, edit their selections and then make the purchase
What are the two biggest reasons for potenitally abandoning the online shopping cart?1. people just wanted to see how much shipping would cost & 2. wanted to see the total cost of my order prior to purchasing
What is the future for mobile commerce...?mobile commerce will double by 2020

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What are the top things that consumers use their smartphones related to shopping for?Researching an item before purchasing
what have the recent sales of smartphones vs tablets been?sales via smartphones are growing, while sales from tablets are declining from 2014 to 2016
Social Commerce?using social media to conduct online transactions
What are the 4 parts of the [social commerce zone]?the social community, social publishing, social entertainment, social commerce

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what are ratings?scores that people, acting in the role of critics, assign to something as an indicator
what are reviews?assessments with detailed comments about the object in question
people who write reviews tent more frequently and spend more online than others
What are some benefits of Social Commerce?enables the marketer to monetize the social media investment by boosting site and store traffic, converts browsers into buyers, increases average order value etc (enhances the customer experience)

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What percent of economic activity is services?75% (services employ 4 out of 5 US workers)
What are the major Digital Service Sectors?-Financial - Real Estate - Travel - Career Services
What is collaborative sonsumption?when participants share, barter, lend, trade, rent, or swap access to products and services RATHER than buying (usually enabled by technology)
What is some of the new wisdom?You are What you can: [Access] , [rent], [borrow], etc
What is [Multi-channel integration] ?it is Integrating Web operations with traditional physical store operations

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