Digital Marketing Ch.14 Social Media

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what is a big advantage social media has created?Anyone w/ internet connection can create and share content for FREE
what is Social Media?media (written/visual/audio that is designed to be shared
Social media is about...?creating content, sharing that content, and connecting with people
Blogospherethe world of blogs
microbloggingpublishing brief text, images,etc (between- 140-200 characters)
permalinkunique URL that points to permanent location of a single blog post
Taxonomyclassifying and dividing into ordered categories
Social Media Channels-social networks -content creation -bookmarking & aggregating -location
pages are...?profiles for a: brand, organiztion, or celeb
what do Social Networks rely on usually for revenue?Advertising
blog posts are..displayed in reverse order
RSS feedallows readers to subsribe to blog easily
the more you postthe more search engines will crawl your site

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