Digestive system physiology

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StomachSecretes enzymes (tripsine, chemotripsine and HCL.) Part of the digestion.
DuodenumTransports things from stomach to further parts of small bowel.
Jejunum/ ileumAbsorbs lipids, amino acids and CH’s.
Large intestine (colon)Water absorption.
Rectum /anusTransports feces outside the body
PancreasEndocrine: insulin and glucagon. Exocrine: digestive enzymes
LiverMetabolizes substances that enter the body . Also synthesizes proteins.
GallbladderStores bile.

Section 2

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DiarrheaFrequent evacuation of stools. Most common cause is infection.
ConstipationNo evacuations in more than 3 days
gastritis/colitisinflammation of mucosal membrane
gastric ulcerErosion of the mucosa of the stomach, may even perforate it.
hepatic cirrhosisDegeneration of liver tissue (it becomes fibrotic)
Stomach cancerMalign tumor. Aggressive, difficult treatment Unknown cause (may relate with charcoaled products)