Digestive system part 3

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what does the liver do with absorbed nutrientsmakes bile, processes and distributes nutrients
sugaradds to blood to maintain blood sugar (brain)
if blood sugar is OK and there is extra glucoseliver converts it to glycogen
if the blood sugar and glycogen are okay it converts the rest to triglycerides and sends it to storahe
glucose is then burned tomake ATp and converted to amino acids

Section 2

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if needed they are sentsent to muscles
if not needed by musclesdeamination (good stuff is converted to glucose or triglycerides)
H2N is toxicit is chopped off and converted to urea, excreted by nucleus.

Section 3

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1.burns fat forenergy
2.converts fatto glucose
3.fat is sentto storage

Section 4

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pancreasproduces pancreatic juice. this is the function of the EXOCRINE GLAND.
other exocrine glands includesalvary glands, and sebaceous+sweat glands in skin
pancreas is an ENDOCRINE GLAND,means it produces hormones and secretes it into blood.
other endocrine glandspituitary gland, thymus, thyroid, adrenal, ovaries and testes

Section 5

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1.alpha cells produce hormone GLYCAGON
2.beta cells secrete insulinwhich stimulates every body cell to take in More sugar

Section 6

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gastrinhormone made by stomach and duodenum, when stomach is stretched.
secreted into blood and acts on the lining of the stomachto produce more gastric juice

Section 7

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secretinhormone made by duodenum when ph drops from 8 to 2-4.45
stimulates pancreatic ductto release baking soda
inhibits stomach from emptyingand stops gastric juice production

Section 8

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cck cholecystikinenproduced by duodenim when triglycerides+amino acids enter
makes gullblader release bile and the pancreas to release enzymes
this hormone tells the brain your fullcauses pancreas to release insulin

Section 9

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1)irritable bowel diseaseIBD
2)Colitisopens sores along colon
3)chrons opens sores along digestive tract and outside of body. cause: genetic predispostion + environmental trigger. treatment: high fiber diet
constipationfeces pass too slow thru colon, too much water is absorbed and poop gets hard. causes:old age, low fiber intake, pregnant, lack of water, surgery. treatment: take care of diet, drink water.
diarrheawhen feces pass too quickly thru colon and too much water is absorbed. cause: ingesting bacteria virus or parasite. can kill an infant. treatment: boil water, let it cool, 1l of water, tb of sugar and 1 tb of salt.