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organs involved in the digestive systemMouth , throat, esophagus, stomach, small intestine, large intestine
anabolismtake in food and use it to build up what yoir body needs
catabolismbreaking down food to use for energy
peristalisispushing food down your muscles
actions of digestive systemingestion,digestion,absorption,elimination
oral cavityrecieves food, mixes w saliva, begins swallowing process
lubricationadding saliva
salivadissolves small food particles, contains enzymes
esophogusconveys solid food and liquid to stomach, connects stomach to throat
stomachbreaks down and digests food, extracts nutrients
where does digestion occurstarts in stomach ends in small intestine
three sections of small intestineduodenum,jejunum,ileum
small intestinedigestion ends,obsorption occurs, takes in nutrients lined with vili
large intestinere absorption of water
what does bacteria in the large intestine accomplishbreaking down what is left
pancreasadds pancreatic juice to help break down food
gallbladderstores bile
irritable bowlstress and eatng wrong foods
chromes diseaseulcers all over small intestine
celliacs diseaseautoimmune, causes grain and wheats to destroy vili where nutrients are absorbed
glutenproteins found in wheat, associated with autoimmune disease

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