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midgutmesenteron stomodeal to proctodeal valve
no intima in midgutabsorption
ventriculusmain site of digestion & absorption
gastric caecaesecrete proteinases, amylases petidases, lipases
peritrophic membranepermeable to enzymes and nutrients, encloses food,
peritrophic membrane made ofchitin fibers in protein carbohydrate matrix secreted by epithelial cells
Embiidinalively wing/ web spinners
Zoraptera pure wing, zorapterans
orthoptera straight wing
plecopterapleat wing/ stone flies
isopteraequal wing
hindgutproctodeum pyloric valve to anus, resoration of H2o, salts, amino acids, sugars, lined with cuticle
malpighian tubelesextending from the alimentary canal that absorbs solutes, water, and wastes from the surrounding hemolymph.
vasa varicosasilkworm/ malpighean tubes
hingut involved withpheromore gills, absorption
produce isotonic pre urinemalpighian tubules
ortho typedistal end secretes wastes, h2o removed and recycles back to hemolymph for rectum
hemipteran typedistal end secretes wastes & proximal end absorbs h2o and salts back to hemolymph. DRY
cryptonephridial typehidden kidney distal end embedded in tissues surrounding rectum
coleopteran typedistal end and rectum reabsorb h2o and salts
lepidopteran typedistal and proximal ends and rectum reabsorb
salivary/labial glands ortho odongrape like clusters in ortho and odon
salivary/labial glands Dip, Lep, Hymentubular
foregutstomodeum mouth to proventriculus
cibariumpre oral cavity that grounds food
galea and lacina of maxillapush food into mouth
proventriculusgastric mill with many sclerotized folds plates

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