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Meds 1

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CCBs are ___ drugsantihypertensive
CCBs particularly effective against ___, which is one the most common causes of high sys pressure in elderly.large vessel stiffness
Additional, frequent uses of CCBs are: (CCB- Chest, Chest, Brain)Chest: to alter heart rate & reduce angina pectoris pain; Brain: to prevent cerebral vasospasm
Ivabradine slowsthe sinus node
What does ivabradine do when administered to rEF patients alongside other tx?reduces hospitalization rates
TorF: Ivabradine reduces mortality when administered with other rEF tx.False. It only reduces hospitalizations.
ENTRESTO (sacubitril/valsartan) raises _________ levels by inhibiting their degradation.ANP, BNP


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How r is the EF in HFrEF?<40%
Where is the heart muscle thickened (think buff), HFrEF or HFpEF?HFBuff (pEF)
rEF patients and pEF patients areroughly equal
In rEF, the mortality and hospitalization rates, as well as the symptoms, aresimilar to those of pEF
rEF patients have more ___ compared with pEF patientsmortality-lowering medications available
TorF: The most common cause of right heart failure is lung diseases.False. Left heart failure is usually the culprit.
One of the causes of right heart failure (other than the left heart, the lungs and an MI in the RV) isArrhythmogenic right ventricular dysplasia/cardiomyopathy (ARVD or ARVC), wherein there's a genetic defect in desmosomes.
The most common cause of rEF is _________, and that of pEF is _________.CAD ; unbalanced hypertension
pEF more common in _________women (typical patient is a woman with unbalanced BP)
pEF usually seen in which patientselderly with chronic illnesses
TorF: BNP rises in both rEF and pEF.Truedat (BNP: B-type or Brain natriuretic peptide)
Most accurate test for validating pEF is p_pPWP (estimates left atrial pressure)
In primary pulmonary htn, the pressure is high in _________ but not in the _________, whereas in pEF, both pressures are high.
What's important to prevent/treat in pEF?high BP, AFib

Section 3

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What NYHA classes include symptomatic patients?2-4
In which disease stages do symptomatic patients fall?C
Which stages are considered pre-heart failure?A and B (A = At risk due to e.g. family history, B = diagnosed w/ LV dysfunction but still no symptoms)
What NYHA class describes presence of symptoms at minimal exertion, 2 or 3?3 (The higher the class, the worse the condition. Class 4 is presence of symptoms at rest.)
Indications for ICDEF<35%, symptomatic, w/ or w/o arrhythmias
CRTfor patients with conduction delay (due to LBBB & wide-complex waves) and a rEF (cRt for Ref) of <35%


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dx usingMDCT (echo not good for the hemodynamically stable, US for lower limbs (to look for DVT) not always helpful if the T is in an US-inaccessible location)
Not every DVT engenders a PE, butthe majority of PEs arise from DVTs
What's PESI, precious?PE severity index. Uses age, sex, underlying conditions for risk stratification.
NOAC isNovel oral anticoagulants (used to tx PE): direct factor Xa inhibitors (-xaban), direct thrombin inhibitors (dabigatran) and PAR-1 antagonists (-paxar)
Anticoagulation tx include _, _ and _ (prevent formation of new clots), while TPA and streptokinase are _________ tx.LMWH (clexane/enoxaparin), warfarin (coumadin), NOAC ; thrombolytic