Diagnostic & treatment procedures for the eye

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Snellen chartused to measure visual acuity
refractionexam procedure to determine an eye's refractive error
diopterunit of measurement of a len's refractive power
cover testexam of how the two eyes work together and is used to asses binocular vision
visual field testingperimetry;performed to determine losses in peripheral vision
peripheralaway from the center
ophthalmoscopyfunduscopy;use of an ophthalmoscope to visually examine the fundus of the eye
dilationrequired in preparation for the ophthalmoscopic exam of the interior of the eye
mydriatic dropsproduce temporary paralysis, forcing the pupils to remain dilated
slip-lamp ophthalmoscopya narrow beam of light if focused onto parts of the eye to permit the ophthalmologist to examine the structures at the front of the eye
fluorescein stainingthe application of fluorescent dye to the surface of the eye; causes a corneal abrasion to temporarily turn bright green
fluorescein angiographyradiographic study of the blood vessels in the retina of the eye following the injection of dye as a contrast medium
PERRLAPupils are Equal, Round, Responsive to Light and Accomadation
tonometrymeasurement of intraocular pressure

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orbitotomysurgical incision in to the orbit
tarsorrhaphypartial or complete suturing together of upper and lower eyelids when the eyelids cannot close normally
corneal transplantkeratoplasty; surgical replacement of a scarred or diseased cornea with donor tissue
enucleationthe the removal of the eyeball
ocular prosthesisartificial eye
iridectomysurgical removal of a portion of the tissue of the iris
radial keratotomysurgical procedure to treat myopia; incisions made in the cornea to allow it to flatten
scleral bucklesilicone band or sponge is used to repair a detached retina
vitrectomythe removal of vitreous humor and its replacement with a clear solution
lensectomysurgical removal of a cataract-clouded lens
phacoemulsificationuse of ultasonic vibration to shatter and remove the lens clouded by cataracts
intraocular lensa surgically implanted replacement for a natural lens

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concave lensescurved inward
convex lensescurved outward
laser iridotomy uses a focused beam of light to create a hole in the iris of the eye
laser trabeculoplastyused to treat open-angle glaucoma by creating openings in the trabecular meshwork to allow fluid to drain properly
LASIKLaser-Assisted in Situ Keratomileusis; used to treat vision conditions that are caused by the shape of the cornea
photocoagulationuse of a laser to treat some forms of wet macular degeneration by sealing leaking or damaged blood vessels
retinopexyused to reattach the detached area in a retinal detachment
pneumatic retinopexya gas bubble is injected into the viterous cavity to put pressure on the area while it heals

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