Diagnosis and treatment of the skin

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biopsyremoval of a small piece of living tissue for examination
incisional biospya piece, but not all, of the tumor or lesion is removed
excisional biopsythe entire tumor or lesion and a margin of surrounding tissue are removed
needle biopsya hollow needle is used to remove a core of tissue for examination
exfoliative cytologycells are scraped from the tissue and examined under a microscope

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cauterizationthe destruction of tissue by burning
chemabrasionthe use of chemicals to remove the outer layers of skin
cryosurgerythe destruction or elimination of abnormal tissue cells, through the application of extreme cold by using liquid nitrogen
curettagethe removal of material from the surface by scraping
debridementthe removal of dirt, foreign objects, damaged tissue, and cellular debris from a wound to prevent infection and promote healing
irrigation and debridementpressurized fluid is used to clean out wound debris
dermabrasion a form of abrasion involving a revolving wire brush or sandpaper.
electrodesiccationa surgical technique in which tissue is destroyed using an electric spark
incisiona cut made with a surgical insturment
incision and drainagean incision of a lesion and the draining of its contents
Moh's surgeryindividual layers of cancerous tissue are removed and examined under a microscope one at a time until a margin that is clear of all cancerous tissue is achieved

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LASERLight Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation
photodynamic therapya photosensitizing drug administered; when photosensitizers are activated they produce a form of oxygen that kills nearby cells
retinoidsa class of chemical compounds derived from vitamin A
isotretinoinAccutane; a powerful retinoid taken in pill form
tretinointhe active ingredient in Retin-A and Renova
topical steroidsderivatives of the natural corticosteroids produced by the adrenal glalnds
blepharoplastylid lift
botoxa formulation of botulinum toxin
collagen replacement therapytiny quantities of collagen are injected to boost the skin's natural supply of collagen
dermatoplastyskin graft; the replacement of damaged skin with healthy tissue
electrolysisthe use of electric current to destroy hair follicles
lipectomythe surgical removal of fat from beneath the skin
liposuctionthe surgical removal of fat from beneath the skin with the help of suction
sclerotherapyfor the treatment of spider veins by injecting a saline sclerosing solution in the vein

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BCCbasal cell carcinoma
Ecz, Ezeczema
I & Dincision and drainage OR irrigation and debridement
MMmalignant melanoma
NFnecrotizing faciitis
PDTphotodynamic therapy
SCCsquamous cell carcinoma
SC, subqsubcutaneous
SLEsystemic lupus erythemmatosus