Diagnosis and treatment of the ear

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audiological evaluationspeech audiometry; the measurement of the ability to hear and understand speech sounds based on their pitch and loudness
audiometryuse of an audiometer to measure hearing acuity
hetzmeasure of sound frequency that determines how high or low a pitch is
otoscopeinstrument used to examine the external ear canal
monaural testinginvolves one ear
binaural testinginvolves both ears
tympanometrythe use of air pressure in the ear canal to test for disorders of the middle ear
Weber and Rinne testsuse of a tuning fork to distinguish between conductive and sensorineural hearing loss

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otoplastysurgical repair, restoration, or alteration of the pinna of the ear
ear tubestympanostomy tubes;tiny ventilating tubes placed through the eardrum to provide ongoing drainage for fluids and to relieve pressure
mastoidectomysurgical removal of mastoid cells
myringotomysmall surgical incision in the eardrum
stapedectomysurgical removal of the top portion of the stapes bone and insertion of prosthetic device that conducts sound vibrations to the inner ear
tympanoplastysurgical correction of a damaged middle ear
labyrinthectomysurgical removal of all or a portion of the labyrinth
vestibular rehabilitation therapya form of physical therapy designed to treat a wide variety of balance disorders
assistive listening devicestransmits, processes, or amplifies sound
choclear implantelectronic device that bypasses the damages portions of the ear and directly stimulates the auditory nerve
fenestrationsurgical process in which a new opening is created in the labyrinth to restore hearing
analog hearing aiduses a microphone to detect and amplify sounds
digital hearing aiduse a computer chip to convert the incoming sound into a code that can be filtered before being amplipied

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ACair conduction
ALDassisted listening devices
ASastigmatism; auris sinister; left ear
EM; ememmetropia
G, glcglaucoma
FA, FAGfluorescein angiography
MDmacular degeneration
RKradial keratotomy
RDretinal detachment
SLEslit-lamp examination
VAvisual acuity
VFvisual field
IOLintraocular lens
ODocculus dexter; right eye
IOPintraocular pressure
ADauris dexter; right ear
AUauris unitas; both ears
OSocculus sinister; left eye
OUocculus uterque ; each eye