Diagnosis and treatment of male reproductive system

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sperm countthe testing of freshly ejaculated semen to determine the volume plus the number, size and motility of the sperm
testicular self-examinationself-help step in early detection of testicular cancer by detecting lumps, swelling or changes in the skin of the scrotum
circumcisionthe surgical removal of the foreskin of the penis
orchidectomythe surgical removal of one or both testicles
orchiopexythe repair of an undescended testicle
varicocelectomythe removal of a portion of an enlarged vein to relieve a variocele
sterilizationan procedure rendering an individual incapable of reproduction
castrationthe surgical removal or destruction of both testicles
vasectomymale sterilization; a small portion of the vas deferens is surgically removed, preventing sperm from entering the ejaculate but does not change the volume of semen created
vasovasostomya precedure performed as an attempt to restore fertility to a vasectomized male

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