Diabetic drugs

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Question Answer
Inhibit breakdown polysaccharide, decrease glucose absorption (and post-meal hyperglycemia)Alpha Glucosidase Inhibitors (Acarbose)
Block K channel-> Increase Glucose ind't secretion (take with food)Sulfonylureas and meglitinides (Insulin secretagogues)
GLP-1 glucose dep'tGLP-1 agonist (Insulin secretagogues)
Block DPP-IV-> glucose dep'tDPP-IV inhibitor (Insulin secretagogues)
Flatulance, diarrheaAlpha-glucosidase inhib (Acarbose)
Hypoglycemia, wt gainSulfonylureas and meglitinides (Insulin secretagogues)
NO hypoglycemia, wt loss (nausea), do NOT use with pancreatitisGLP-1 agonist (Insulin secretagogues)
NO hypoglycemia, don't use with hx pancreatitisDPP-IV inhibitor (Insulin secretagogues)
Inhibit hepatic gluconeogenesisBiguanides (insulin sensitizer)
NO hypoglycemia/wt gain, Contraindicate renal/heart failureBiguanides (insulin sensitizer)
NO hypoglycemia, +wt gain, contraindicate heart failureThiazolidinediones (Insulin sensitizer)
NO hypoglycemia, wt lossSodium-glucose co-trans 2 inhibitor (canagliflozin)
PPAR gama agonistsThiazolidinediones (Insulin sensitizer)
Block SGLT2Sodium-glucose co-trans 2 inhibitor (canagliflozin)
Promote renal excretion of glucose (non-insulin decrease glucose)SGL-T inhibitors
NO hypoglycemia, decrease BP, wt loss, candidiasis, UTI, LE amputation, Ketoacidosis risk, contraindicate GFR <30 or ESRDSGL-T Inhibitors
High Intensity statinsAtorvastatin 80, Rosuvastatin 20 (Decrease LDL >50%)
TG > 500-1000Lower TG (prevent pancreatitis - fibrates (first line), niacin, fish oil
TG < 500Tx cholesterol with statin
DXA score post-menopausal women and men > 50, home much bone is lostT score
DXA kids, pre-menopausal women, men <50, rate of bone loss compareZ score
Screen osteoporosisF>65, M > 70, postmenopausal F<60 + risk factor, M 50-70 + risk