Diabetes second part

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Question Answer
rapid acting pens come as100units/mL except humalog kwikpen 200units/mL
afrezzarapid acting insulin inhaled. replace inhaler every 15 days. CI in asthma or COPD
regular insulinhumulin R and novolin R. available without prescription and can be used in IV solns
concentrated humlin R u-5005 times as concentrated. recc when patient requires >200 units/day. do not mix with other insulins. lasts up to 24 hours
intermediate insulinhumulin N and novolin N. available without prescription. cloudy! can mix with other insulins, but draw up regular insulin before this.
insulin determirlevemir
insulin glarginelantus
insulin degludectresiba
humulin and novolin 70/30=70% NPH and 30% regular. available without prescription.
humulin and novolin 70/30 onset, peak, and duration30 mins, 2-12 hrs, 14-24 hrs
lantus solostar and toujeo onset, peak, and duration1-2 hours (6 hrs toujeo) and 24 hours duration
type 1 diabetes starting dose0.6 units/kg/day
rule of 500for rapid acting insulin. 500/ total daily dose insulin= grams of carbs covered by 1 unit rapid insulin
rule of 450for regular insulin. 450/ total daily dose insulin= grams of carbs covered by 1 unit regular insulin
correction factor 1800 rulerapid acting insulin. 1800/ total daily dose insulin= correction factor 1 unit rapid insulin.
correction factor 1500 ruleregular insulin. 1500/ total daily dose= correction factor
correction doseblood glcose now- target glucose/ correction factor= correction dose.
type 2 diabetes basal insulin starting dose0.1 to 0.2 units/kg/day or 10 units/day.
diabetic ketoacidosis symptomsBG >250, ketones (fruity breath), anion gap >12, pH <7.35
diabetic ketoacidosis treatmentfluids first. normal saline. regular insulin infusion 0.1 units/kg/hr. potassium if needed.
hyperglycemia hyperosmolar statehyperglycemic crisis due to some type of severe stress, ketones neglible or not present cuz enough insulin to supress. BH >600, confusion, pH >7.3
hyperglycemia hyperosmolar state treatmentfluids and insulin. potassium if needed.
anion gapsodium - (chloride plus bicarb)
pramlintide when starting reduce mealtime insulin by50% when starting