Diabetes first part

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Question Answer
diagnosis of prediabetes fasting glucose100-125
diagnosis prediabetes 2hr plasma glucose 75g test 140-199
diagnosis prediabetes A1C5.7 to 6.4%
diagnosis diabetes fasting glucoseabove or equal to 126 (no caloric intake 8hrs)
diagnosis diabetes 2hr plasma glucose 75g testabove or equal 200
diagnosis diabetes A1Cabove or equal 6.5%
diagnosis diabetes classical symptoms or hyperglycemic crisis ANDrandom plasma glucose 200 or above
goals for diabetes in pregnancy- gestational diabetespreprandial = <95, 1 hr post meal= <140, 2 hrs <120
goals for diabetes in pregnancy- pregestational diabetesA1C <6, preprandial and bedtime and overnight 60-99, peak postprandial 100-129
drugs that can raise blood glucoseatypical antipsychotics, cyclosporin, tacrolimus, protease inhibs, quinolones, systemic steroids
drugs can lower blood glucosenon selective beta blockers, quinolones
waist circumference for females and males< 35 and < 40 inches
a carbohydrate serving is about ____ grams15 grams. one small piece fruit, 1 slice bread, 1/3 cup cooked rice/pasta, 1/2 cup oatmeal
high risk people should consume _________ grams of fiber for each 1000 calories14 grams
ASA use increased CVD risk (10 yr over 10%) includes men >50 and women >60 who have at least 1 additional major risk factor
start ACEI or ARB when urinary albumin to creatinine ratio above30mg/g
pts diabetes should receive these vaccinations=hep B, influenza, pneumococcal, tentanus,
adult treatment goals ADA guidelinesA1C under 7, fasting 80-130, and peak postprandial under 180
metformin MOAdecrease hepatic glucose production, decrease intestinal absorption glucose, and increase insulin sensitivity
Janumet/ Janumet XRmetformin and sitagliptin
metformin boxed warninglactic acidosis.
metformin CIscr > or equal to 1.5 males or 1.4 females
metformin SENVD, flatuelence, abdominal cramping,
metformin and weightweight neutral
contrast dye and metforminincrease risk acidosis so hold prior to procedure and wait at least 48 hrs after
sulfonylureas moastimulate insulin secretion from beta cells
glucotrolglipizide. sulfonylaurea.
amarylglimepiride. sulfonylurea
DiaBetaglyburide. sulfonylaurea.
sulfonylurea SEmoderate risk of hypoglycemia, nausea
sulfonylurea and weightgain
meglitinides moastimulates insulin secretion from beta cells
meglitinides how to take15-30 mins before meals. nateglinide and repaglinide
meglitinides SEhypoglycemia, mild weight gain, URTI (upper resp tract infections)
thiazolidinediones moaperoxisome proliferator receptor gamma agonists. PPAR agonists. increased peripheral insulin sensititivy.
actospioglitizaone. PPAR agonist.
actos CI/avoid use in class 3 and 4 HF and active bladder cancer
actos SEperiph edema, URTIs
actos weightweight gain
alpha glucosidase inhibitors moainhibit metabolism of sucrose to glucose and fructose. acarbose and miglitol. must give glucose if get low blood sugar, not sucrose like table sugar or candy.
alpha glucosidase inhibs SEflatulence, weight neutral
acarbose (Precose) how takealpha glucosidase inhbitor. with first bite each main meal
SLGT2 inhibs (sodium glucose co transporter 2 inhibitors) moaproximal renal tubules...urinary glucose excretion
invokanacanagliflozin. SLGT2 inhib
farxigadapagliflozin. SLGT2 inhib
SLGT2 inhib SEgenital infections and serious UTIs, hypoglycemia, wieght loss
SLGT2 inhib warningketoacidosis.
januviasitagliptin. DPP4 inhibitor
januvia SEnasopharyngitis, URTI, UTI, weight neutral
GLP1 agonists warningspancreatitis, not recc Crcl under 30,
GLP1 SEnausea and weight loss
byettaexenatide, GLP1 agonist
bydureonexenatide extended release
pramlintide can use intype 1 and 2 diabetes
pramlintide warningreduce mealtime insulin by 50%
pramlintide SEnv, anorexia, headache, weight loss
pramlintide administeredSC in abdomen or thigh prior to each meal
bromocriptine moadopamine agonist. weight neutral