Diabetes b

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Question Answer
mild hypo50-70
severe hypo< 50
symptoms of hypoglycemiapalpitations, tremor, hunger, sweating, anxiety,behavioral changes, difficulty thinking, severe confusion, seizure
tx for hypoglycemia if alert15 g of CHO, avoid foods with fat, repeat if still low after 15 min, consume meal or snack after SMBG ha returned to normal
tx for hypoglycemia if unconscious glucagon injectio & take to hospital
risk factors for hypoglycemiaalcohol, exercise, starvation, organ failure
what is diabetic ketoacidosia low insuliln, high glucagon state
aspects to tx in DKAhyperglycemia, dehydration , electrolytes
tx hyperglycemia regular insulin via cont iv infusion, drop 50-75
tx dehydration initial 0.9% nacl, once stable D5W
tx electrolytesK decreases from insulin therapy, once K falls below normal upper limit, K replacement is initiated
HHS - hyperglycemic hyperosmolar statesevere hyperglycemia > 600, seen in elderly and T2DM,
tx HHS same as DKA but more insulin may be needed.
when to screen for GDM24-48 weeks
should you use an A1C test to DX GDMNO
What insulin should be used in pregnancy when lifestyle doesnt workbasal insulin - detemir , prandial - aspart and lispro