Diabetes 2 Part 2

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Section 1

Question Answer
metformin renalCI if scr over 1.4 women and 1.5 men. CrCL under 60 suggests no use
glyburide renalCI crcl under 50
glipizide renalCI crcl under 10
glimepiride renallower dose crcl under 20
meglitinides renalno lower dose
thiazo renalno lower dose
sitagliptin renallower if crcl under 50
saxagliptin renallower if crcl under 50 or equal
linagliption renalnone
alogliptin renallower if crcl under 60
byetta/bydureon renalCI crcl under 30
liraglutidie renalno use impairment
abliglutide renalno adj needed
alpha gluc inhibs renalCI scr above 2
dopamine ag renalno adjustment
SGLT2 renalcanafliglozin lower if 45-60. dapa CI under 60

Section 2

Question Answer
monitoring FBG for?all of them!
monitor A1C for?all of them!
monitor PPG for?GLP1 and alpha
monitor renal fxn?metformin and sulfonylurea
monitor liver?thiaz and alpha
monitor for b12metformin
monitor for symptoms hf/pancreatitisDPP$
monitor pancreatitisGLP1
monitor BPdopamine

Section 3

Question Answer
metformin MOAdecreases liver gluconeogenesis. also increase sensitivity and intestinal absorption
sulfonylurea MOAincrease insulin secretion
meglitinides MOAincrease insulin secretion glucose dependent
thiazo MOAincrease insulin sensitivity
DPP4 inhibiters MOAincrease insulin release, decrease glucagon, slow gastric emptying
GLP1 agonist MOAincrease insulin release, decrease glucagon, slow gastric empty, increase satiety and increase resistance to be better
alpha gluc inhibs MOAinhibits enzymes break down carbs GI tract
dopamine agonists MOAsupression hepatic glucose prod
SGLT2 inhibs MOAblocks kidney reabsorption
colesevelam MOAunknown. may affect glucose absorption
pramlintide MOAdecrease gastric empty and glucagon and increase satiety

Section 4

Question Answer
affects post prandial onlyneglitinide, GLP1 short acting, alpha gluc inhibs, pramlintide
affecst fasting onlymetformin
affects both but manily post prandialDPP4 and dopamine

Section 5

Question Answer
weight neutral or lossmetformin, GLP1, dopamine, SGLT2
weight gainsulfonylurea and thiazo

Section 6

Question Answer
pregnancy cat Bmetformin, DPP4 and dopamine
CI pregsulfon and alpha gluc.

Section 7

Question Answer
metformin take2x daily with meals
sulfonylurea take30 min before meal
meglitinides take30 min before meal. do not take if skip meal
alpha gluc takewith first bite meal
dopamine takewithin 2 hr awakening

Section 8

Question Answer
only used in combinationmeglitinides
DPP4 mono or combo?mono or combo with metformin, sulf, or thiaz
GI side effectsmetformin, sulf, meglit, GLP1, alpha gluc, dopamine
hypoglycemia worry aboutsulf, meglitines, DPP4, GLP1,
lacic acidosis worry aboutmetformin
rash possiblysulf
edema possiblethiaz
increase fracturesthiaz
lipid effects badthiaz
hepatotoxicitythiaz, alpha gluc
upper resp infectionDPP4
gential,urinary probs. infectionsSGLT2
hypotension possibleSGLT2
sulf add basal or GLP1 pry do what?decrease sulf dose. add basal stop sulf

Section 9

Question Answer
history acidosis no usemetformin, meglit, thiaz
no use in decreased perfusion like resp failure also hf. metformin
no use radio contrast dyemetformin
no use type one diabetessulf, meglit, thiaz,
no use severe hepatic impairmetformin, sulf, thiaz, alpha gluc
no use with gemfibrozilmeglit
no use hfmetformin, thiaz, DPP4,
no use pancreatitisGLP1
no use fam history thyroid carcinomaGLP1
no use gastroparesisGLP1
warnings for using thiazedema, insulin use, uncontrolled HTN
no use inflamm bowel diseasealpha gluc
no use in phschoitic disorders and triptans dopamine

Section 10

Question Answer
metforminglucophage. biguanide
glyburidediabinese, micronase. sulf
glipizideglucotrol. sulf
glimepirideamaryl. sulf
repaglinideprandin. meglitinide
nateglinidestarlix. meglitinide
rosiglitazoneavandia. thiaz
ppioglitazoneactos. thiaz
sitagliptinjanuvia. DPP4
saxagliptinonglyza. DPP4
linagliptintradjenta DPP4
alogliptinnesina. DPP4
byetta/bydureonexenatide. GLP1
liraglutidevictoza. GLP1
miglitolglyset. alpha gluc
acarboseprecose. alpha gluc
bromocriptinecycloset. dopamine
canagiflozininvokana. SGLT2