Dextrose (D50W, D23W, D10W)

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Question Answer
Classification Carbohydrate, Hyperglycemia Agent
Mechanism of Action Increases blood glucose levels to provide immediate source of glucose that can be rapidly used for cellular metabolism.
Indications Hypoglycemia, ALOC w/ unknown origin
Contraindications None in emergency settings with presence of Hypoglycemia
Side Effects Venous irritation, Tissue Necrosis w/ extravasation
Interactions None
Routes of Administration Slow IV/ IO Push, NG tube
Onset/ Duration 30- 60 seconds/ depends on severity of Hypoglycemia
Adult Dose 25 grams of D50% IV
Pediatric Dose D25%: 2mL/Kg IV
Additional Info. Obtain blood glucose ASAP, Aspirate every 10mL to assure venous potency, tissue necrosis will occur w/ extravavasation, use caution w/ suspected stroke, and more...