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Section 1

Question Answer
trust vs mistrusterickson 0-12 months
sensorimotorpiaget 0-12 months
oral stagefreud 0-12 months
naivete and egocentrismkohlberg 0-12 months
autonomy vs shame and doubterickson 12-24 months
libido12-24 months freud
external control12-24 months kohlberg
initiative vs guilt3-5 years
preoperational stage3-5 years
oedipal stage3-5 years
premorality or preconventional morality3-5 years
industry vs inferiorityschool age 6-12
concrete operationsschool age 6-12
latency periodschool age 6-12
genital stagefreud adolsecent 12-21 years
identity vs role confusionerickson adolescent 12-21
abstract operationspiaget adolescent 12-21 years

Section 2

Question Answer
trust vs mistrustcaregiver attachment; visual contact and touch
reflexive stagereflexes sensorimotor stage piaget
primary circularrepeate responses sensiormotor piaget
secondary circularout-ward directed behavior
coordinate secondary circular8-12 months object permanance and goal directed behavior
egocentric0-12 months object permanace; special relationships; self is framework of learning
orallearn about enironment through mouth
naivete and egocentrismno moral code; decisions made on what pleases child; love what helps them hate what hurts them; no awareness actions effect others
autonomy vs shame and doubtlearn on their own, learn no and use it, control own body, explore environment
Piaget 12-24 monthsexperiments with environment, tiral and error, object permanance, concrete experiences
libido12-24 months control bowel and bladdder, independence, need encouragement and support
kohlberg 12-24 monthsexternal control comes from love of parents and desire to please them, know the word NO but don't understand meaning
iniative vs guilt3-5 years: can do attitude, goal directed, comeptitive, charaterized by purpose
preoperational stage3-5 years egocentrism magical and rigid thinking
oedipal stage3-5 years interst in genitals want to show and see them
premorality or preconventional3-5 years right and wrong determined by physical consequences, eye for an eye
kohlberg school aged understands right from wrong, learns to follow rules, learns responsibilities

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