Developmental Milestones

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Section 1

Question Answer
Regards Face1 month
Follows to Midline1 month
Begins Vocalizing1 month
Responds to Bell1 month
Lifts head 45 degrees when placed in prone position1 month
"Coo"2 month
Smiles and Coos when being spoken to2 months
Recognizes parents2 months
Holds head upright3 months
Social Smile3 months
Moro Reflex dissappears3 months
Follows vertically and side to side 3 months
Rolls Over6 months
Sits upright with pelvic support6 months
Tripod position6 months
Babbles6 months
Recognizes strangers6 months
Raking grasp6 months
Sits alone with back straight 7 - 9 months
Pincer grasp9 - 12 months
Stranger Anxiety7 - 9 months
Crawls7 - 9 months

Section 2

Question Answer
Upgoing Babinski dissappears1 year
Seperation anxiety1 year
Imitation1 year
Pointing1 year
Crusing1 year
Mama, Dada + 1 word1 year
Imitation of Household tasks2 years
Stacks 6 blocks2 years
Jumping, Stands on 1 foot2 years
200 words2 years
Parallel Play3 years
Toilet Training 3 years
Reproduces line, circle3 years
Stacks 9 blocks3 years
Climbs Stairs3 years
Rides Tricycle3 years
900 words3 years
Complete sentence3 years
Identifies self3 years
Cooperative/Competitive Play4 years
Toilet Use4 years
Simple stick figure drawings4 years
Dresses with help4 years
Runs easily4 years
Complex Sentences4 years
Dresses Independently5 years
5-20 words18 months
2 word sentences2 years

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