Developmental Assessment

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Section 1

Question Answer
head lagbirth
head up4-6 week
head control3 mths
on tummy and forearm3 mths
bear some weight in legs6 mths
sit tripod6 mths
roll6 mth
commando crawl9 mth
sit up well9 mth
pull to stand9 mth
stand up well12 mth
cruise12 mth
crawl well12 mth
walk well15 mth
stairs supported18 mths
climbs furniture18 mths
throw ball while standin18 mths
stairs with 2 feet2 years
walk backwards2 years
jump2 years
kicks, overhand throw2 years
stairs alt feet2.5 years
runs well2.5 years
broad jump3 years
tricycle3 years
stand on 1 foot4 years
throw catch kick bounce4 years
hop 5 steps and skip5 years

Section 2

Question Answer
dolls eyesbirth
hands fisted4-6 weeks
visual tracking4-6 weeks
hands unfisted3 mths
reach but miss4 mth
hand regard4 mth
reach out to grasp6 mths
object to mouth6 mths
feet to mouth6 mths
transfers7 mths
rake7 mths
palmar grasp6 mths
casting12 mths
goes with index finger10-12 mth
bangs cubes together10-12 mth
pincer grasp12 mths
turns pages10-12 mth
hand preference18 mths
scribbles18 mths
3 blocks18 mths
6 blocks2 years
immature pen grip2 years
straight line2 years
horizontal line2.5 years
circle3 years
cross3.5 years
square4 years
mature pen grip4 years
sitckman4 years
triangle5 years
stickman with face5 years

Section 3

Question Answer
alert to soundbirth
smiles to voice4-6 weeks
coo/laughs3 mths
behavourial responses to sound4 mths
localises to same level6 mth
localises to different levels9 mth
babbles9 mth
"papa" "mama" indiscriminately9 mths
understands "no10-12 mths
1step command w gesture10-12 mths
responds to own name10-12mths
first meaningful words10-12mths
single finger pointing10-12mths
look to named family member13-14 mths
gives toys on request13-14 mths
1 step command15 mths
10-25 word vocab18 mths
point to 3 body parts18 mths
point to self18 mths
2-step command2 years
>50 words2 years
2-3-word phrases2 years
point to >5 body parts2 years
full name2.5 years
name age gender3 years
2 colours3 years
sentences and many questions3 years
3-step command4 years
tells story4 years
sings nursery rhymes4 years
count to 104 years
count to 205 years
4-5 colours5 years

Section 4

Question Answer
social smile4-6 week
gazes at mum during feeding3 mths
put things in mouth6 mths
peek-a-boo6 mths
stranger anxiety sets in7 mths
object permanence9 mth
looks for fallen toy9 mth
finger food10-12mth
cup15 mths
take off shoes or socks18 mths
pretend play18 mths
point and gesture18 mths
distinguish long and short lines2 years
begin to indicate toileting2 years
help in dressing3 years
feeds with utensils3 years
dry by day and night3 years
play simple games with other chilren, pretend play3 years
brush teeth4 years
dresses self well4 years
play with social interaction (take turns)4 years
bathes and showers well5 years
comfort siblings5 years
shoe lace5 years