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Apgar scoreAssess at 1 and 10 minutes. 1-10 scale. >=7 good. 4-6 assist and stimulate; <4 resuscitate
Apgar scoreAppearance, pulse, grimace, activity, respiration. Risk of neurologic damage.
Low birth weight<2500g.
Causes of low birth weightPrematurity Intrauterine growth restriction (IUGR)
Problems of low birth weight babiesIncreased risk of SIDS and overall mortality. Impaired thermoregulation and immunity, hypoglycaemia, polycythemia, impaired neuro/cognitive development.
Complications of low birth weightInfections, RDS, necrotizing enterocolitis, intraventricular hemorrhage, persistent fetal circulation.
Motor 1-12 monthsPrimitive reflexes gone lifts head up prone (1m) rolls and sit (6m) babinski (by 12m) Passes toy hand to hand (6m) pincer grasp (10m) points objects (12m)
Primitive reflexesMoro (3m) rooting (4m) palmar (6) babinski (12m)
Social 0-12m monthsSocial smile (2m) Stranger anxiety (by 6m) Separation anxiety (by 9 m)
Verbal/ cognitive 0-12 monthsOrients first to voice (4m) Orients to name and gestures (9m) object permanence (9m) mama and dada by 10m
toddler12-36 months
Toddler motorcruises, first step (12m) climb stairs (18m) cubes stacked (yrsx3) Feeds self (20m) Kicks ball (24m)
Toddler socialParallel play (24-36m) moves away and returns to mom (24m) core gender identity formed (26m)
Toddler verbal200 words by 2, 2 word sentences
Preschool3-5 yrs
Preschool motortrycycle (3yrs) line, circle, stick figures (4yrs) hops on 1 foot (4yrs), bottoms or zippers, grooms self (5yrs)
preschool socialComfortable spends part of day away from mom (3yrs) Cooperative play, imaginary friends (4yrs)
Preschool verbal/cognitive1000 words (3yrs) Complete sentences and prepositions (4yrs) detailed stories (4yrs)

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