Development milestones gross motor

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Question Answer
Little or no head lag on being pulled to sit3 months
Lying on abdomen, good head control3 months
Held sitting, lumbar curve3 months
Lying on abdomen, arms extended6 months
Lying on back, lifts and grasps feet6 months
Pulls self to sitting6 months
Held sitting, back straight6 months
Rolls front to back6 months
Sits without support7-8 months
Pulls to standing9 months
Crawls9 months
Cruises12 months
Walks with one hand held12 months
Walks Unsupported13-15 months
Squats to pick up object18 months
Runs2 years
Walks up and down stairs holding rail2 years
rides a tricycle3 years
Walks up stairs without rail3 years
hops on one leg4 years