Development milestones fine motor and vision

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Section 1

Question Answer
Reaches for object3 months
Holds rattle briefly if given to hand3 months
Visually alert, particularly human faces3 months
Fixes and follows to 180 degrees3 months
Holds in palmar grasp6 months
Pass objects from one hand to another6 months
Visually insatiable, looking around in every direction6 months
Points with finger9 months
Early pincer9 months
Good pincer grip12 months
Bangs toys together12 months

Section 2

Question Answer
Tower of 2 blocks15 months
Tower of 3 blocks18 months
Tower of 6 blocks2 years
Tower of 9 blocks3 years
Circular scribble18 months
Copies vertical line2 years
Copies circle3 years
Copies cross4 years
Copies square and triangle5 years
Looks at book, pats page15 months
Turns pages, several at time18 months
Turns pages, one at time2 years