Determinism and free will- RS A2.

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There is a link between freedom and ...Moral responsibility.
In what situation can one have been ignorant of consequences but still to blame for them?In cases where the person was negligent.
Name a situation in which a person is less morally responsible.When they are under a disorientating influence.
Name two theories which challenge moral responsibility.Christian predestination and Determinism.
The traditional Judeo-Christian view is that humans are free --t--o---- ----l a-ent-Autonomous moral agents.
What was it that St. Thomas Aquinas wrote concerning free will, and in which text?"Man chooses not of necessity but freely" in 'Summa Theologica'.
What was it that Paul wrote, in his Letter to Romans, concerning free will, and which denomination most holds to it?“For those God foreknew he also predestined to be conformed to the likeness of his Son," and the Protestant church.
What is the analogical quote involving clay that concerns predestination, who said it and where?"The potter has authority over the clay from the same lump to make one vessel for honour and another for contempt.” - Augustine in Sermon 26.
Which theory denotes that all actions are determined externally?Hard determinism.
Which theory denotes that humans have free will?Libertarianism.
Which theory denotes that some human actions are determined, but there still exists moral responsibility?Soft determinism.
What two things did Nietzsche call the theory of free will, and why?"The best self-contradiction that has been thought up so far, [and] a kind of logical rape and unnaturalness," because it requires agents to be self-caused (causa sui).
Why is predestination important in Islam?Because it is one of the six articles of faith.
Which part of the Bible suggests predestination, and how many servants of God does it say are going to be saved?Revelation 7, and 144,000.


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What is the full quote concerning libertarianism that includes the nouns "ostrich", "bananas" "instincts"and "spaniel", and who wrote it?“Pear trees cannot bear bananas. The instincts of a spaniel cannot be the instincts of an ostrich. Everything is planned, connected, limited.” - Voltaire
To the theories of which scientist is hard determinism sometimes favourably likened?Isaac Newton.
What were the names of the murdered, the murderers and the lawyer, in the famous case in which the lawyer successfully argued a hard determinist case against the death penalty for the two perpetrators?Bobby Franks, Leopold and Loeb and Clarence Darrow respectively.
In what way does the law cater to hard determinist thinking?It considers 'diminished responsibility' in some cases.
What is one stupid argument against hard determinism, and why is it erroneous?That if people themselves aren’t responsible for actions, it then seems wrong to punish them, and because it isn't addressing the argument's veracity but rather the consequences of accepting its truth.
What does the Encyclopedia Britannica say that questions hard determinism?"A fundamental concept in quantum mechanics is that of randomness, or indeterminacy."


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What are people who believe that a deterministic universe is completely at odds with the notion of free will called?Incompatibilists.
Who said "In the act of deciding whether to put forth or withhold the moral effort required to resist temptation and rise to duty," and what is the second clause? C.A. Campbell and "is to be found an act which is free in the sense required for moral responsibility."
Libertarians would say that humans aren't like the what hit by the what where moral behavior is concerned?The pool ball hit by the cue.
What might a libertarian believe that is similar to Kant's beliefs? That we have a 'moral consciousness'.
What is an argument involving criminality that a libertarian might use to support his theory?People raised by criminals and having the predisposition that violence is acceptable, often feel a moral perception present itself so that they have a choice.


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What did Nietzsche say that challenges Campbell's quote?"The will to overcome an emotion is ultimately only the will of another emotion or of several others."


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What is that dead-on bad-ass quote beginning "men think themselves free on account of this alone" and who said it?“Men think themselves free on account of this alone, that they are conscious of their actions and ignorant of the causes of them,” and Benedict Spinoza.
To what kind of source do some libertarians attribute moral judgement?One which is objective and unaffected by environment.


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'Tolle, lege, tolle, lege'. What is the significance of this quote?This is what St. Augustine heard a child sing when he was sitting crying on a bench one day, in English meaning 'Take up and read, take up and read', which prompted him to read the Bible and convert to Christianity. He believed the child was orchestrated to say that by God.

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