Desktop Publishing Terms

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On this page you will learn about desktop publishing terms. Good luck!

Desktop Publishing Terms

Question Answer
BitmapLarge image file made up of pixels
BleedExtension of graphic or block of colour beyond the trimmed edge of page
Body Text of CopyMain blocks of text on page
CaptionBrief description that goes with a photo, graphic or table
Clip-ArtReady-made graphics and photos stored in gallery
ColumnWidth of frame of the body text which shortens line length making text easier to read
CroppingTrimming off excess material from photo or graphic
Drop CapitalFirst (upper case) letter in paragraph that is enlarged and dropped below line to show start of article
Drop ShadowShading behind object or text to create depth and emphasis

More Desktop Publishing Terms

Question Answer
Eye-Dropper/Colour PickerTool that enables exact colour matching of one colour to another
Flow Text Along A PathText that travels the same direction as line or curve
Footer/FolioInformation, often numbers, shown in the space at bottom of page
Footer SpaceSpace at bottom of page
Fonts and TypefaceStyle of text lettering used in document
FramesNon printing boxes which can be moved, resized or rotated and hold text or graphics
GraphicIllustration or art work used in publication
GridSquare grid of lines or dots that aids accurate positioning
GuidelinesLines dragged in from top and side to help construct a layout
GutterNarrow space between columns of text

Even More Desktop Publishing Terms

Question Answer
HandlesSmall boxes attached to frames to allow manipulation
HeaderInformation that appears in space at top of page
Header SpaceSpace at top of page
Headline/Heading/TitleLarge text that states the article or subject
Import/ExportProcess of sending digital files (text or graphics)
JPEGCommon image file type used for photographs
MarginsWhite space and borders round the page
Mirror/ReflectionSymmetrical or opposite image

Final Desktop Publishing Terms

Question Answer
Page FormattingOrientation of page into either portrait or landscape
Page SizesPhysical size of document into A3, A4 or A5
Portable Network Graphic (PNG)File type that allows background to be transparent
Point SizeThe size of text or fonts
ReverseText colour is changed from black to white on dark background to create a contrast
SnapCursor attaches to grid or guides to improve speed and accuracy
Sub-HeadingIntermediate level of heading, between that of the main heading and body of text
Text WrapWhen text follows the outline of a graphic
TransparencyMaking fills and images partially see-through
Vector GraphicScalable computer graphic made of shapes, lines and fills