Describe the main features of the Virginia Plan, the New Jersey Plan, and the Great Compromise and explain which features of each became incorporated into the United States Constitution

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Who wrote and presented the virginia plan?written by James Madison, presented by Macho Man Randy Savage
what is the main points of the virginia plan?enlarge and correct the articles of confederation; have a house and senate in the legislature; house members elected by people, senate by the state legislatures;territories may become states, states must approve ammendments.
who composed the New Jersey Planwilliam patterson of New Jersey trying to make a unicameral legislature
what is the main points of the New Jersey Plan?the articles of confederation should be amended ad congress should gain authority for commerce and taxes; citizens may be prosecuted in whatever state the crime is commited.
who proposed the great compromise?commitie roger sherman is in charge of
what are the main points of the great compromise?every state was given equal representation one house and proportionate in the other;senate every state has 2 seats, house # of seats depends on population; blend of virginia and new jersey's plans
what parts of the new jersey plan are in the U.S. constitution?every state was given equal representation and in the senate every state has 2 seats
what parts of the virginia plan are in the U.S. constitution?proportional representation and house of representations was given the power to originate all legislation