Dermatomes Kine4575

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Cervical & thoracic

Question Answer
C1Vertex of Skull
C2Temple, Forehead, Occiput
C3Entire Neck, Posterior Cheek, Temporal region, prolongation forward under mandible
C4Shoulder, Clavicular and Upper Scapular Regions
C5Deltoid & Entire Arm to base of the thumb
C6Anterior arm, radial side of hand to thumb and index finger
C7Lateral arm and forearm to index, long and ring fingers
C8Medial Arm and forearm to long, ring and little fingers
T1Medial Side of the Forearm to base of little finger

Lumbar & sacral

Question Answer
L1Back, over trochanter, groin
L2Back, front of thigh to knee
L3Upper buttock, front of thigh to knee, medial lower leg
L4Inner buttock, outer thigh, inside of leg, dorsum of foot, big toe
L5Back of side of thigh, lateral aspect of leg, dorsum of foot, inner half of sole and first, second and third toes
S1Buttock, back of thigh and lower leg
S2Same as S1
S3Groin, inner thigh to knee
S4Perineum, genitals, lower sacrum